One Day

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    One Day

    From the moment we said hello, we knew this was something special
    We talked long into the night,
    We shared thoughts, dreams, secrets, and intimacies
    We laughed and we cried
    And we made plans for our one day
    A day we could actually meet in person, to touch, to kiss,
    To hold each other close and to walk hand in hand
    To look into each other’s eyes and say “I love you”
    You had your doubts but I promised I would be there
    Our one day finally arrived
    You were waiting in your car as I rode up on my bike
    We fell into each others arms and we kissed for the very first time
    It was the most wonderful kiss I have ever felt
    Your hands were shaking, I was a little shaky also
    We shared a room
    We shared a shower
    We shared a bed
    We shared the most beautiful experiences of love
    Your hair, a fiery red, your skin, sensual, soft and sweet,
    I gaze into your eyes and I see so many things
    I see hurt from your past
    I see a gentleness and caring
    I see a flame that has ignited from that little spark started a year ago
    I see a love that is coming from the depths of your heart and soul
    I see a hunger and craving for the love that I offer you
    Our bodies have ached for the touch that we now share
    My hands move over your body with a velvet touch
    My tongue caresses your skin, leaving wet trails that excite you
    My teeth nibble and bite, sending electric shocks to your very core
    I kiss your sweet lips savoring the taste
    I move down your neck smelling, kissing, licking, biting
    You start to moan
    I reach your breast with my mouth
    Your nipples are so very hard with anticipation
    I suck them into my mouth and bite
    Your breathing quickens
    I move lower still, across your belly, licking, biting
    You moan with pleasure and excitement
    Then down across your hips to your thigh
    I can smell the scent of your sex, so overwhelming
    It is intoxicating and makes my head spin
    My mouth moves to your inner thigh, licking, biting
    Leaving teeth marks in your skin
    You shake with a desire and passion that is building inside of you
    My mouth reaches your most intimate part
    The taste is exquisite
    I look up into your eyes as my tongue dances over your clit
    You look at me with such intense pleasure in your eyes
    Your hips moving, your back arching
    As you cum
    I retrace my path back up your body
    Licking and nibbling as I go
    Reaching your belly, your breast, your neck
    And as our lips meet, our tongues touch,
    I plunge into you
    Moving slowly at first, teasing you
    Then faster, harder
    You cry out, “damn” and “fuck me knight”
    Looking into your eyes as I thrust into you
    Seeing an intenseness like nothing else I have ever experienced
    You lift your legs over my shoulders, exposing yourself so completely
    We move together with a rhythm of love
    Our breathing so heavy
    Orgasms begin to shake your body
    I hold you tightly as I reach my peak
    Cumming inside of you
    Our juices mixing together Our bodies drained
    We stay like that until our breathing begins to slow
    Then laying side by side gazing into each others eyes once again
    We whisper I love you, then we rest,
    Only to feel the desire and craving build yet again​
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    Another nice piece. Thank you again, for sharing.