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    Looking at the clock she sees 5 o’clock finally come around she sighs happily as she is finished for the day she wipes her brow and gets her things together, heading for the elevators she see that there is a large crowd waiting for to use them, she swears under her breath and takes her place in the next group in line.

    She sighs deeply as she gets into the elevator she finds herself pushed back against someone, the elevator starts to move down taking them to the group to the bottom floor, the warmth in the crowded space is almost too much to bare as she fans herself with her hand.

    Suddenly the elevator shakes and comes to a halt as it stops moving panic begins to set in with the people stuck inside they begin to whisper then shout, someone hits the emergency call button and listens as the person on the other side of the line tells them that they should stay calm and wait for the elevator to be reset, she sighs again and pushes herself back, she bumps into the person behind her “sorry” she says, “no problem” she hears from a deep voice.

    Suddenly she feels something against her ass, reaching back to check what it is she grabs it and feels it hard and throbbing, she tries at first to look behind her as she can’t be sure that it is what she thinks it is but is unable to see with all the people, she pauses holding it still in hand, then she feels it, her skirt being lifted up and a finger trying to pull her panties to the side, “I should stop this” she thinks to herself “it was a mistake an accident, nothing more”

    But as she feels her panties being pulled to the side she doesn’t, instead she moves herself a little bending forward slightly and raising her ass into the air a little, she lets him have his way as he lines up his hard cock and slowly slides it into her as she tries not to pant or moan as she feels him enter her slightly at first but soon pushing in deeply.

    She moves slowly pushing her ass back into him and slowly rocking her hips trying not to make a sound and being too obvious, trying to hide the fact that she is being fucked deep, suddenly she feels something that makes her let out a quiet and short gasp, she feels a thumb rubbing her clit, she looks down and sees his arm around her, her mind is now in ecstasy as she feels him pushing up into her deeper and harder, rubbing her clit faster.

    She lets out a small moan and tries to cover it up as a sigh, her pussy clenches around his hard shaft and she gushes over him, the elevator is getting hotter, she can’t tell if it is because of the act she is committing or because of the amount of people, as she is thinking this she feels her juices run down her thighs as she pants softly.

    Suddenly with one final deep push into her she feels his cock throbbing hard as he shoots shot after shot of hot cum deeply into her, she bites her lower lip as she feels him empty himself into her and pull out, ho moves her panties back into place and pats down her skirt, suddenly as he does the elevator lights come back on and it begins to move again.

    People cheer and laugh as she stands there biting her lip and full of cum, soaked in her own juices as his cum begins to slowly leak out of her, the elevator dings and stops at the bottom floor, as she steps out she smiles to herself.

    As she is walking out of the front door of the building, panties soaked and her thighs shining with his cum and her own juices as she walks to her car without looking back, she looks to the sky as she gets outside, the sky is shining and the sky blue as she gets into her car she grins, “hope I see him again tomorrow” she thinks to herself as she begins to drive home.
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    I like it! This girl is getting it, Every where she goes. Keep them coming ;)