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    I've decided I want to produce a running thread, logging whatever is in my mind whenever I pull it up. I won't know how raw it's going to be until it arrives at my fingertips. You will be bored most of the time. (That was the teaser) I think it will be more successful than my most recent episode of bravado/stupidity. I will be tempted, at times, to write something that is pure, tongue in cheek, bullshit. I'll try not to infringe on any live thread, and will stay away from disagreeing with any member who may comment. Anything you think is inappropriate, PM will get it abrogated as soon as the PM is read. I promise, I will not argue for or against anything you post here. You are entitled to your stupidity. Ha Ha! I've already said my piece so argument is a waste of time. If this endeavor is contrary to established rules, I expect RoB_E will speak up and that's the end of it. Today I'm my "nothing box".
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    There's a nag lying down in her stall in the barn. Not breathing. I'm going to pound the shit out of her with a stick, not something I often indulge myself in. I ran across this article that settles nothing except, you never know. Men can never know the depths of the female mind. This conversation is not a scientific study and it's but a small sample, but it does illuminate some thoughts about a subject that men think they have all figured. Let's stir up some shit!

    Since there is always much debate on the size of penises, I gathered 4 women from different walks of life to discuss the issue of size in order to set the record straight once and for all. Unfortunately, some guys may not like what they hear, but all men must keep in mind that every individual differs.

    So although most women agree that size matters, that doesn't exactly mean that they expect you to give Dirk Diggler a run for his money. Simply put, each woman has her preferences, but the majority don't place a huge importance on a man's genitalia — there are much more important things that must meet the compatibility standard besides that.
    me and the gals
    Hooking up with some ladies to talk about whether or not size matters was very interesting, to say the very least.

    Note: In order to protect their privacy, the women's names have been changed.

    The players:

    Fadia — Financial Advisor - 28 years old - married
    Giovanna — High School Teacher - 30 years old - single
    Heather — Student - 21 years old - dating
    Veronica — Engineer - 42 years old — divorced

    So ladies, thank you for joining me. Let me get right to the questions. Does the size of a man's penis matter? And please feel free to give reasons why.

    Fadia: Yes it does, but that doesn't mean that I'm in search of a 12-inch kielbasa either. So long as it's an adequate size.

    Heather: And what's adequate?

    Fadia: I don't know, about 5 or 6 inches, I guess. But the look of it is more important, I mean, it needs to match the rest of his skin tone and the less veiny it is, the better. (Giggles all around.)

    Giovanna: Well, I think size is very important. A man has to have a big package to please me. It has to be long, let's say 8 inches or more, and the girth should be thick as well.

    Veronica: That sounds painful, to be honest. Before I was married, I dated a man who was well-endowed, too well-endowed, and well, we could never really enjoy sex because I always felt like if he put it all the way in, it would come up the back of my throat, and that's not enjoyable.

    Heather: Well, I was with this great guy who had a 3.5-inch penis, and although I adored him and thought he was a very attentive lover, he couldn't get passed the size of his manhood and we ultimately broke up. I thought things were great, but I guess his insecurity won over in the end. He even told me that he would only be comfortable with a virgin because at least he'd know that she wasn't comparing him to another. So maybe size matters more to guys than it does to us.

    Giovanna: I think size matters to many women, they're just afraid to admit it because guys might get the impression that they're loose.

    Veronica: Yeah, literally. (I can feel the tension.).

    (more anon)
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    When people talk, they lay lines on each other, do a lot of role playing, sidestep, shilly-shally and engage in all manner of vagueness and innuendo. We do this and expect others to do it, yet at the same time we profess to long for the plain truth, for people to say what they mean, simple as that. Such hypocrisy is a human universal.--Steven Pinker


    The horse still won't stand up.

    So, Giovanna, why do you have that "the bigger the better" mentality?

    Giovanna: Well, I've been with guys that were about 4 to 6 inches and to be quite frank, I didn't get any pleasure out of it. But when I finally hooked up with my last boyfriend, let's just say he was so well-hung that horses looked at him with envy.

    Heather: Well, I practice my Kegel exercises regularly, and a long, thick penis isn't what I need to enjoy myself with a man. I can't believe we're even discussing this, how shallow are we? I'm not saying that you don't practice your exercises, Giovanna; it's just that a huge penis is not essential for a woman to feel pleasure.

    Giovanna: How can you say that? I'm saying it is, maybe it isn't for you ladies, but I need a bigger penis if I'm going to enjoy myself and I'm not ashamed to say it. (That's because we're not using her real name.)

    How big are we talking?

    Giovanna: I'd say about 9, maybe 10 inches. (All the other women take deep gasping breaths.) What? That's what I like.

    Heather: You're a bigger woman than me. (That one's just too easy.) Just like some women would never stay with a man with a penis that was too small, I couldn't picture myself staying with a man that was too big, and that is way too big.

    Veronica: Now my husband by no means comes remotely close to double digits in inches, but I am thoroughly satisfied with his member and even when I satisfy him with my mouth, I'm comfortable because it's not so big that I'm afraid that I might scrape it with my back molars.

    Good point, so what about that? Does penis size matter when it comes to fellatio?

    Fadia: Yeah, this is where I'm sure we'd all like it to be much smaller so that it seems like we can inhale it with no problem. (All women nod in agreement — except, of course, for Giovanna.)

    Giovanna: Again, I have to disagree. I like it big, I like having a lot to play with. Anyway, I have the talent that is commonly referred to as Project Deep Throat. And as you can see, there's plenty of room in my mouth.

    Heather: Wow, you're lucky, I always gag the moment the penis comes anywhere near the back of my throat.

    Uh, let's get back to the subject at hand, shall we? So ladies, how big is too big?

    Fadia: Anything over 6 inches is too big for me.

    Heather: I'd say that's about right.

    Giovanna: The sky's the limit.

    Veronica: Careful what you wish for sweetie. Anyway, I'd say about 7 inches is way too big.

    And of course, how small is too small?

    Fadia: Less than 4 would probably bother me, and what's funny, I think my problem would lie in the visual aspect of it rather than the physical one.

    Giovanna: Anything less than 7.5 inches is going to cause a huge rift in the relationship.

    Veronica: Wow, you're brutal. I'd say anything less than 4 as well. 4 inches would be acceptable, but less than that might not be enough. I can't say that I know for sure.

    Heather: I know this sounds cheesy, but I could care less about the size of a man's penis.

    So if a guy had a 2-inch penis, that wouldn't bother you at all?

    Heather: Okay, maybe then, but still there are ways around it. There's so much more to a relationship than just sex.

    Giovanna: Yes, but sexual compatibility is very important as well.

    Would any of these women dump a guy over the size of his penis? http://www.askmen.com/dating/vanessa/43b_love_secrets.html gold member.jpg
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    Think that as the old saying goes "you are flogging a dead horse".

    Those women needed to be 'pissed' before they'd tell the truth.
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    Hoorah! You got it. Onto smaller and things. strokin.gif humpin.gif
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    At least I don't need to feed that fleabag anymore. One more time, take that you bloody nag!

    Good point. Now be honest with this next question. Would you dump a guy over penis size?

    Heather: No. Well, if he was so big that he tore me to pieces or if he was so small that I could never reach orgasm through sexual intercourse, then I guess eventually, things would just disintegrate in the relationship.

    Giovanna: I would dump a guy in a heartbeat. I ask about his penis size even before we start engaging in any sex at all.

    Veronica: It depends, it's never happened up to this point, so I'll say no.

    Fadia: If it was less than 4, like I said before, then maybe that would make me reconsider the relationship. And by the way, Ronnie, you just contradicted yourself since the last question.

    Veronica: Yeah well, these questions aren't black and white ones. They require lots of thought and I really don't think that I could let go of an entire relationship over the size of a man's penis.

    Giovanna: That's why you should ask off the bat. He wants to know how many men I've been with, fine. I want to know how well-endowed he is.

    And lastly, if you decide that you couldn't be with a guy because his penis was either too big or too small, would you be honest or give him that "it's not you, it's me" speech?

    Giovanna: Hey, if I ask how big it is and he says something like "5 inches," I pay the bill and say bye-bye. (Hey, at least she foots the bill.)

    Heather: No, I would lie through my teeth and make up some lame excuse. If a guy told me he was leaving me because I was inadequate in the sack, I think I'd be in therapy for years.

    Veronica: I would never tell a man I was leaving him because his penis was too small, but I would definitely tell him I was leaving because it was too big. For some reason, the latter doesn't sound like it would shatter his ego.

    Fadia: I would never tell a guy I was leaving him because of the size of his penis. That's just ludicrous. I would make up something about "I don't see a future with us." But, no, I would never tell a guy that, it's bad enough you're leaving him.
    it's all about size
    So there you have it guys, for some size matters more than anything, for others, it's not so important. The difference lies in what she perceives as the norm.

    Out of the 4 ladies, only one was adamant on having a mammoth penis. So does that mean that 25% of women think that size matters? Hardly. It just means that some women might place a high importance on your size, but most care more about your sex techniques.

    Ultimately, size does play a role in a woman's wants, but in the majority of cases, so long as your member exceeds the 4-inch mark, you have nothing to worry about. As well, if your little buddy exceeds the 8-inch mark, women may run in the other direction as well.

    Until next time, become the best lover ever by getting your hands on AskMen.com's Handbook To Great Sex. (I put that in there 'cause I don't know what the copyright laws are.)

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    A couple of days ago I decided I would behave myself for awhile. Then I sat in the corner for an hour. o_O
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    I think the reason so many men like "strange" is the mystery of discovery.:)
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    Much of what I am today is because I spent eight years in an orphanage.
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    This thread...it makes no sense....I want my time back.
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    Put a smiley on it. So I'll die ten minutes earlier than scheduled. You can have that.
    Hit the ignore button. It works. I don't write for you, I write for me.:D
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    Observation: Ever notice when a room is full of women, and a man walks in, all is peaceful until the second man arrives. Now there's going to a fight. Man in rut.
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    You're an odd one OK, but in a sorta good way!
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    If God didn't want man to eat pussy, he wouldn't have made you taste so good.:p
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    I thought I had already posted this already. Must be something wrong with my fingers today. Can't be my mind or memory. Here goes again.
    The main reason some young women prefer older men: they think older men know something young studs don't. It's true, but young studs have more energy.:D
    It's in my book.
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    I'm comfortable in my own skin. It's been shed so many times, I think I'll keep this one. spank.gif
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    It won't be the first time I've been called an Odd Duck, and I hope not the last. It sells.:rolleyes: And it makes some of the younger women giggle. They don't look so closely at form, fit, and function. Just keep 'em laughing. Rodney Dangerfield, back off.:D
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    The older I get, the more pondering I do. Too bad it's for nought. :)
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    When I was younger, I never had to jerk off or get a blowjob to get a hardon. Ever notice the pros need a couple of rings, straps, blowjob and jerk off to get it up. Ever think maybe you can over use it? Nah!:confused:
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    From the brainstorming dept.: I'm going to invent a new cologne for men called "MAN". Guaranteed to attract only horny women.
    If it catches a gay man now and then, you can pick and choose.:p