Nocturne (or What do we talk about now?)

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    Inclosed herein is a convesation with a lady of mystery I met on another website. After it was over, I actually needed a cold shower, and a wank. I have sanitized to obscure all YM handles, including one I use.

    O'so-nice: Oh, I know. But, you should be allowed to have a sex life. Maybe you can talk to your wife about it. 2:17:51 PM O'so-nice: It doesn't have to be her friend, it can be anyone you're interested in and trust.
    2:18:50 PM Oldkid: My wife might go along, but she'd tell me she doesn't want to know about it...2:21:16 PM Oldkid: She's mentioned it in the past, but now I'm past it. Only a young woman would turn me on enough to perform, I'm afraid. And I don't have enough to offer a young one.
    2:22:30 PM O'so-nice: That's where you are wrong baby. Because I would love to have a chance with you. I mean that honestly and not just saying that. :)
    2:23:14 PM Oldkid: And Ican't for the life of me figure out why....2:24:19 PM Oldkid: In the mean-time, good friends are enough...
    2:25:25 PM O'so-nice: It doesn't have to make sense. I can't quite place my finger on it either, but there's something about you I find so sexy. We are good friends though and that will keep me happy. Haha. :)
    2:26:54 PM Oldkid: And that's enough...2:28:04 PM Oldkid: There's nothing I like more than pleasing a woman..
    2:29:27 PM O'so-nice: I would love to give you the greatest orgasm of your life. I would treat you with respect and please you like no other.
    2:30:31 PM Oldkid: Who needs respect? 2:32:38 PM Oldkid: I'm trying to imagine what it would be like...
    2:34:18 PM O'so-nice: You and your body does. It's a work of art that needs to be admired and attended to. We'll gain that special connection when our bodies and minds are in sync. That's what I meant by that. It makes our time together more special and pleasurable.
    2:36:01 PM Oldkid: One of the reasons I like chatting with you is you're educated, sensible, mature in your thinking.2:36:49 PM Oldkid: And also, You've got nice legs...LOL
    2:38:24 PM O'so-nice: Haha. Thank you very much Sweetie. You are too kind. :">2:38:55 PM O'so-nice: And you can get between my nice long legs any time you want. Haha.
    2:40:11 PM Oldkid: Too far away, I'm afraid. It would be heaven, I'm sure though...2:41:37 PM Oldkid: I'd want to shave close for the occasion... wouldn't want to scratch that delicate skin...
    2:42:48 PM O'so-nice: It would be heaven to feel you inside me. You don't have to shave baby. I want you the way you are.
    2:43:34 PM Oldkid: Damn... now you're arousing me...2:44:08 PM Oldkid: I can almost feel what I can't see...2:44:25 PM Oldkid: Tightening around me...
    2:46:35 PM O'so-nice: My walls would clench against your cock tightly. You'll feel me squeeze you....wanting to drain you.
    2:47:38 PM Oldkid: Your strong runner muscles, holding on to me as I withdraw... and await my return...2:49:31 PM Oldkid: You're trying to make me cum quick... I won't let it happen...
    2:50:32 PM Oldkid: You have to endure a few minutes of my tongue on your clit, and in your slit...
    2:51:52 PM O'so-nice: My muscles are a bit stronger now. I've started taking pilates classes. Strengthening my core, abdomen, and pelvic muscles. You know what those control. Hehe. ;)
    2:52:57 PM Oldkid: The scent of you, the taste of you, invades my mind and soul.. sends shivers up my mind...2:55:08 PM Oldkid: Penis... to spine... to mind... an inspiration
    2:55:40 PM O'so-nice: Mmmmm. "You like what you see baby?"
    2:56:45 PM Oldkid: No... It's only a vision.. a mirage.. 2:56:58 PM Oldkid: Fleeting... 2:57:24 PM Oldkid: A wispy thing... 2:58:42 PM Oldkid: The taste of you, a memory of years gone by...2:59:39 PM Oldkid: The scent swirling in my mind... 3:00:20 PM Oldkid: Head of my penis, again going into you, slowly at first...
    3:01:16 PM O'so-nice: "Oh Baby, please fuck me."
    3:01:22 PM Oldkid: Two feet reaching for the ceiling... 3:01:50 PM Oldkid: Quickening, ramming...3:02:34 PM Oldkid: In now.. out now... in out in out... slapping sounds in my ears...
    3:03:05 PM O'so-nice: "Ohhhhhh, my God!"
    3:03:07 PM Oldkid: Your hands on the headboard3:04:19 PM Oldkid: pushing... squeezing... kneading... in hard, out, harder, out, in, out... on and on...
    3:04:55 PM O'so-nice: "You love my tight little pussy don't you?!" "Come on, harder baby!" "Mmmmmmmm!"
    3:05:17 PM Oldkid: Grunting. breath rasping... tight to the balls,...3:05:57 PM Oldkid: faster, faster, I'm gonna cum... squeeze me baby...
    3:07:05 PM O'so-nice: Clenching my tight pussy around your cock. Forcing you to give me what I crave. Wanting your thick, hot, sticky cum inside me.
    IM Sep 23, 2014 3:29:27 PM3:07:41 PM Oldkid: Explosion after explosion, expelling... shooting into you...3:08:30 PM Oldkid: Pushing hard into you, get every drop inside... hold your legs to me...3:09:22 PM Oldkid: On my knees to finish you.....3:10:03 PM Oldkid: Tasting my own cum... ravishing clit, engorged with blood, hard...3:11:10 PM Oldkid: Finger into your ass rough, short fast thrusts... arching your back...
    3:12:37 PM O'so-nice: Feeling your cum ooze down my leg "Oh, do you want my tight ass now baby?"
    3:13:11 PM Oldkid: Can't make it... too limp...3:13:53 PM Oldkid: Save it for later...
    3:15:26 PM O'so-nice: "Mmmmm....okay Sweetie." "You did have a vasectomy right?"
    3:16:13 PM Oldkid: Absolutely...
    3:17:08 PM O'so-nice: "Good." "Thank you baby, that was incredible."
    3:17:40 PM Oldkid: A lot of fun for me too... 3:18:05 PM Oldkid: Now I have to go take a cold shower...3:20:11 PM Oldkid: I am going to hazzard a guess... a vibrator is finishing for you
    3:20:22 PM O'so-nice: A cold shower won't make you hard. :p
    3:20:53 PM Oldkid: Hahaha...
    3:21:04 PM O'so-nice: No, I'll most likely be having sex later tonight.
    3:21:31 PM Oldkid: I hope I got you warmed up...
    3:21:37 PM O'so-nice: I'll be teasing my tight, little pussy and clit though. 3:22:05 PM O'so-nice: I'm nice and wet. I wish you could see. Haha.
    3:22:32 PM Oldkid: That's all up to you what I see...3:23:09 PM Oldkid: Tease...3:23:43 PM O'so-nice: Haha. It is a lot of fun to tease. :p3:24:28 PM Oldkid: And you know I love it...3:25:30 PM O'so-nice: Maybe I'll think of you tonight when I'm being pleased. 3:26:04 PM Oldkid: OK... thank you...3:28:24 PM O'so-nice: I probably won't let him cum inside me like you did though. Haha. :p3:29:27 PM Oldkid: First of all, his is real, mine is make believe...
    IM Sep 23, 2014 3:36:22 PM3:32:09 PM O'so-nice: Awww, you were supposed to play along. Haha. But, yes you are right about that.
    3:33:25 PM Oldkid: Didn't mean to burst your bubble...3:34:05 PM Oldkid: Sandy... you are so sweet... but I have to leave you now...3:34:24 PM Oldkid: Just like a man... fuck and run...
    3:34:38 PM O'so-nice: That's okay hon. I need to get going as well actually. 3:35:01 PM O'so-nice: It's happened before. You aren't the first to do that. :p
    3:35:15 PM Oldkid: Stay as swet as you are, and send pictures...
    3:36:00 PM O'so-nice: Take care and I'll talk to you later. XOXOXOXO :x3:36:22 PM Oldkid: BFN xoxo
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