My Panty Fetish - The Background

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    Preface: Unlike most guys, I don't like dirty panties at all. I do love clean used ones, though. Especially from girls around my age - I liked being in HS, and having panties that other HS girls wore, same with when in college.

    I love looking at accidental panty peeks, I love seeing pictures of normal girls in their underwear, and I adore when a hot girl says "panties"." It's such a turn out.

    But the fetish goes much deeper than that.....

    It must have started when I was around 12 or 13. I was starting to notice girls' underwear brim showing at the top of their jeans (at the time, it was mostly GAP undies, which had the same brim logo as the classic Victoria's Secret panties, but that only lasted a few months, as more and more girls entered into their teens with very appealing underwear). You mix that with hormones kicking it, and a fetish is born.

    Not many weeks later, a pair of either my mom's or my sister's underwear was mixed in with my clothes. I got interested, so I tried it on. Love it.

    Both my sister and I are thin and have been - she's a XS/S, while my mom is normal and is a M, so there's really no sizing issues involved.

    From that point on I would borrow panties from mostly my mom (she had a lot of undies from Vanity Fair, Vassarette, and a lot from Victoria's Secret. No thongs - which would always remain the case - but some very sexy pairs especially the satin ones she had), at first, but then my sister's as well (who was just now transitioning from Gap's girl panties, to more mature kinds, but knonw VS nor thongs jusr yet).

    So I would sneak only a pair or two of either, wear them, "have fun" with them, and then put them in the laundry basket (if there were a lot of clothes there), or - more often - wash them when they were out and back in the drawer just as I had previously found them. I even remember that on several occasions, when I knew no one would be home for awhile, I would grab a handful of mom's - consisting of almost her entire drawer, and try them on for size (nothing more) and then put them back as I found them.

    I was quick to add Kotex pads. which my mom wore - while my sister only began with pads for 2 or so years. Prior to my fascination with panties, I had a diaper fetish for some strange reason. (maybe it's cos I was diapered late, well into being 3 years old, almost 4?) So to make my own diaper, I would take 3 of my mom's pads, and put them in my briefs. But once puberty hit, it was all about the panties.

    Eventually, around the age of 15 or 16, with my sister now safely into her teens with cuter panties, too, I would sneak and KEEP both hers and my mom's on occasion. I kept them well hidden. A pair here, a pair there, not noticeable. But in time I had a nice collection of theirs all to myself.

    I would even pull and stretch in order to create minor rips in the odd panty that I didn't like at all, to force her to buy sexier ones (in total, several pairs over the years). It was a good tactic, and it worked.

    However, by the time college rolled around, now 18 (sister 16 with thongs included now!) I purged for the first time. Lost some fantastic pairs, too.

    In Freshman year, the occasional girl would accidentally leave the odd pair or two in one the laundry machines. I pounced on this free gift.

    But by Sophomore year, I got daring. I would do my wash at less busy times. I would then find a machine that was filled with girls' clothes, even if there were several empty machines. I would place her clothes on top of the machine, to make it look innocent, but kept a couple pairs to myself - making it seem like she either forgot about them completely, or that she mistakenly left them behind, etc.

    Good tactic that survived the rest of college. But by graduation time, I didn't know how to hide my stash, so another major purge (there may have been a few minor purges in between, can't remember).

    After college, now alone in my own apartment, I kept that apparently innocent tactic up. But as time went on, I got more and more daring, where now at the age of 24, I was taking almost all the panties a girl had in the laundry machine. On one or two occasions, I took her entire wash load.

    I was caught twice in the apartments, but was able to get out of it. Story for another thread.

    Since realizing now only that stealing is wrong, but that I could (should, and almost did, twice) have had charges pressed on me, I finally stopped stealing. But my own collection still doth grow, just by legal means now.

    Then my mom found my stash. Also a story for another day - but I needed to detail the background so that my further posts make sense.