My Mistress

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    We have talked for some time and have decided to consumate our affair. I arrive early at the motel and get our room, then wait in the parking lot for you to arrive. I watch as you pull in and step from your car. Our eyes meet and we can feel an instant connection. As you near I reach out and pull your sexy body into mine, lower my lips to your partially open mouth and passionately kiss you. I can feel your sighs vibrate into me and your warm breath enters my lungs. After several moments we part and begin to walk to our room. I follow a few steps behind you so that I can watch your bottom sway...gawd I am on fire for you lover. Upon entering our room we once again kiss, a kiss filled with lust and desire. Our tongues explore and comingle for several minutes before I back away and sit on the bed. Undress for me baby... I watch in anticipation as you slip the straps of your light summer dress over your shoulders and allow it to fall to the floor around your feet. Ummm, I can see your swollen nipples protruding through the thin silk fabric of your bra, and your pubic mound through your matching panties. You slowly remove your bra, then slip from your panties and toss them to me. Gawd baby, the crotch is wet with your sex. You watch as I smell you from them. I can see a thin blue line circling each of your engorged nipples and can feel the sexual desire within you. I stand and approach, lift your hott body into my arms and gently lower you to our bed. You watch with a dazed look in your eyes as I strip for you. You stare as my cock springs free in anticipation of you. I position myself over you, then once again we lustfully kiss. I can feel your hips grinding, as though you are searching for my cock. I trace my hungry tongue down your soft neck and onto your chest, then swirl it around each of your swollen nipples. I love listening to your sighs baby. I raise up, then gently flip you over onto your stomach, then lift your sexy bottom up leaving your upper body resating on the bed....gawd look at you lover, so completely exposed to me from behind. I lean over you and trace my wet tongue down your spine, then between your cheeks...ummm, I can smell your sex baby, it sends shivers throughout my body and into my pulsating cock. I feel like a stallion being led to his mare for breeding. I trace my tongue around your tight little anus and can hear your sighs turn into moans. I continue down, then slip between your wet lips...ummm, the taste of your sex is intoxicating lover. I thrust my slippery tongue deep into your pussy and can feel your muscles tighten around it. I love pleasingyou...after several minutes of orally fucking you I slip out and begin swirling my tongue around your erect begin to gasp with pleasure. I once again move to your bottom and gently probe until you allow my tongue entrance into your sweet butt. I reach around your waist and begin massaging your clit as my tongue slips in and out of your tight little ass. After several minutes you begin to quiver and your breathing becomes labored....just before you explode into orgasm I pull turn with a frantic look in your eyes begging me to continue....not you lover....we have just begun to play...

    What my Mistress will feel when with me...