My first thong (cross dress)

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    This story has true and untrue parts to it, the names are change, however saying that I am lying here in bed with my hand on my cock in a white lace thong, for those who know me, I love womans lingerie, for those who don't, believ what you want

    I had not too long ago started a new job in the build up to Christmas it had been hectic, barely a chance to see my girlfriend, never mind any of my friends. I was feeling quite guilty about not spending time with them suddenly I find myself with some time off and and chance to see them.

    My best friend Mathew, who I hadn’t seen for two months, answers my text first. We arrange drinks at his house a little later.

    I arrive and say my hellos and happy new years to his family. After a couple of minutes he comes back from his shower. Soon after we get down to business, drinking that is. We start with the usual greetings and chat, moving onto my new job and his career.

    A little while passes and he suggests we head upstairs to play a little Fifa on his new PS4, I happily oblige. As I enter the room I can’t help but notice his girlfriends bra hanging on his wardrobe. Now Sarah is not my usual type – blonde, a little taller than me, probably a little over weight but attractive, with breasts easily 34D. You can see how this turquoise, lace beauty caught my attention.

    Mathew being a normal early 20s guy had rubbish everywhere and no space to put our drinks down. He opens a draw in his dresser, that Just happens to be Sarah’s bra draw, to stuff our drinks in, meanging I can sneak a peak everytime I refill. My attention fully attracted to the naughty negligee, whilst still trying to listen to Mathew’s chatter.

    We sank another few rums, feeling it a bit my made my way to the toilet, my head racing with the view of my best friends girlfriends underwear. I returned solely thinking about lingerie, good knows how many games I lost, blaming the drink – all the while thinking of her and me in the underwear.

    After a few hours I said I was ready to go home, Mathew agreed he was tired, after a few hours drinking till the early morning, and he was ready for bed. I made all attempts to linger in his room just to get a look at Sarah’s lingerie, however all small talk failed. Believing I was going to have no luck I went once more to the bathroom, returning, to my surprise he wasn’t in the room. Listening attentively I realised he was downstairs. I quickly made my way to the lingerie draw, collecting my items on the way. I had a quick browse of the bras on show, hoping for more. I open another draw only to find socks, I try again this time finding what I had hoped to see all night, Sarah’s knicker collection. All of them looking lace (a personal favourite) and naughty I have a quick rummage through, and pull a pair out.

    A white lace thong, closing my eyes and picturing Sarah in her all white lace lingerie – bra, panites, and hold ups, curves, big tits and tight pussy, I suddenly harden. Not knowing what to do I stuff the panties into my bag. Say my goodbyes and leave.

    On the way home all sorts of thoughts racing through my, from her fucking me in them, to the best wank ever. It’s about two miles from Mathew’s to mine, I begin to jog the thought of wearing the panties driving me all the way. About halfway I realise just up the road is a darker spot I can use to my advantage. As I reach the dark space I look up noticing the church, which grounds I had wandered in to. Feeling ever so naughty and wrong, I drop my pants and boxers, pull the lace thong from my bag. I give myself a quick tug and harden up again. I put back on the thong, my pants and carry on home.

    After a short distance I felt a bit uncomfortable, I never worn a thong before but I knew this was more than that. Once again I pull over to a dark area, this time a little more in view of traffic that may pass. I again pull of my pants and thong with them. Looking down I realise that in my kinky rush I had put them on wrong. I rearranged and dressed myself again, overcome with pleasure I grab my hard cock pulling away, as a few stray cars pass by.

    Knowing all I want to do is return and play with myself I begin to jog again. The lace rubbing my balls, cock and arse, I can’t help but be turned on. I stop in the alleyway near to my home, pull down my pants, filled with excitement I take several pictures front and back. Showing my cock and arse in the thong (pictures shown in my ‘me in panties’ thread). Feeling the need more than ever I sprint as fast as I can reaching home, stripping off into my bed me and my thong. I pour lube on to my cock and balls, camera in hand I begin to play. I lose all control one hand down my front the other slides down the back I can’t imagine what comes next.

    As I said some is real and some is fake, however it’s all up to your dirty imagination.
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