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    Aug 10, 2011
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    Hello for my first real thread I wanted to tell you all my main fettishes so here goes nothing!
    1. Domination, I want a girl to controll me and be a brutal mistress. I want her to get me hard but not allow me to touch her or touch my dick untill I beg. I also want her to control everything about me when I can eat, use the bathroom etc. I like the idea of having no control and giving it all up it really turns me on
    2. Panties I love them! When a girls thong is hangen out I can't help but to stare. It drives me crazy when I'll go over my friends house and use her bathroom and see her dirty panties on the floor just so amazing.
    3 Ass now don't get me wrong I love boobs and everything else on a girl. There is just something about a big round booty that I can't do anything but stare and be amazed by it. They look amazing and feel even better Ha
    Well that's a brief overview of some of my fettishes. If you have any questions or want to be my mistress maybe let me know! Please share any stories of your fettishes or if you share some on mine
    Thank you