My Childhood Friend

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    It was one of those hot summer muggy days when a childhood friend of mine came to visit me. As he entered my home, he started to complain about his wife. G said that she just wasn't as horny as she once was and that their sex life had dwindled from everyday to 1-2 times every month. I could see the frustration in his face as he looked at me. We talked alot about his wife and then we began to chat about things we'd done years ago and laughed at them. G asked me then if I had any porn mags or videos and I showed him both. He said he wanted to watch the video called Cum Shots. As the video started, I noticed he was staring at the tv screen watching the first dick spurting cum all over some babe's face. G began to relax alot as I watched him touching himself. I too was turned on but more turned on by watching him. I told G that it had been awhile since I'd gotten off so I told him that I was going to jackoff and that he could either join me or sit there and watch the porno or leave. G then told me that he felt a bit uncomfortable with the situation but I assured him that whatever happened in my home would not be repeated later to anyone. Slowly, G undone his jeans and slid his jeans and his shorts to his ankles then kicking them free. His cock looked about 6" and very hard. I continued to slowly stroke my cock and from time to time, I would look over at G's cock. He was slowly stroking it as he watched very intently the porno. Suddenly, G said that he knew I was watching him and wanted to know what I was thinking about and then he grinned. I was so horny, so thirsty for cock that I decided to see if he'd let me suck him off. As far as I knew, G didn't know that I loved to suck cock from time to time. I kept my life as private as possible. My friends and family all thought I was totally straight. As the next cock on the porn spurted the cum onto the girl's face, I commented that I'd like to try that sometime and the sooner the better. G said that he couldn't believe that I had never had a blowjob. I told him that I had but that was not what I wanted. G's face lit up as he then asked me if I wanted to suck a cock and when I said YES, he blushed then he asked me if I wanted to taste the cum too. I told him one of my hottest fantasies at that time and as I told him, he continued to jackoff. All of a sudden, he quickly stood up and put his clothes back on then commented that he had to go pick up his daughter and he left. I wondered if I had said too much to G since he was one of those friends that always wanted to get something on someone then blab it. By then, I had lost interest in the movie and I quit jacking off. As I went to bed that night, my thoughts turned to G's it looked, what it might taste like, everything about it. I was fast asleep and dreaming a hot wet dream. Just as I thought I was going to get off in my wet dream, my doorbell rang. Darn the bad luck! Here I was almost going to get off and then I was interrupted. I looked at the clock and it was 7am and the doorbell sounded again. Quickly, I put some shorts on and answered the door. It was G. As I opened the door, he quickly walked past me and then he nervously asked me if what I had said the day before were true or just some fantasy. Since we had talked about lots of things and lots of fantasies, I asked him which one and he said...the one about sucking a dick. My mind was spinning now, my cock had woke up, and I heard my voice telling G that I really wanted to suck a cock and taste some cum. G then told me to put on the cumshots video again and to watch it with him. I was so horny by then that I dropped my shorts and started to jackoff before I sat down to watch the movie. I watched excitedly as G got naked then he laid down on my couch and stared at the porn movie. His cock was dripping precum down his hot bobbing shaft as he slowly stroked it. I was so near to cumming myself when I heard him telling me that the time was now...that IF I wanted to suck a come over and suck his. Quickly, I stood up then knelt by the couch. Nothing was said as I looked at him. Nervously, I touched his nipples and pulled on them as I let my other hand graze lightly across his balls and around his shaft. I bent over and sucked on his nipples while I teased him into oblivion. G raised his hips in earnest as I teased him. Slowly, I licked and kissed my way from his nipples to his inner thighs. I opened his legs and put them over my shoulders as I licked all over his bag and around his shaft. I tasted and smelled soap everywhere so I knew he had showered before coming over. I raised his hips toward me and I then dabbed my tongue up against his puckering asshole. I had never rimmed anyone prior to this but it was just something that happened..caught up in the moment. Mmm..his ass was tasty as I licked all over it. His cock tip slammed against my forehead as I rimmed him. G was moaning louder and louder for me to quit teasing him and to get on with it. Slowly, I slithered my tongue from his hot tasty ass to the tip of his cock. Mmm..his precum was deliciously sweet. His cock head was all velvety and rubbery feeling as I let his cock slowly enter my mouth, savoring his flavor. I bobbed my head up and down slowly then quickly then slowly a few times but I took my time getting his cock all the way into my mouth. As I slowly bobbed up and down on his cock, I lightly flicked his nipples with one hand while the other hand was lightly rubbing his puckered asshole. I licked several fingers and then as I slid them ever so slowly into his tight asshole, he bucked his hips quite forcefully... yelling at me to suck him faster. His cock was on fire by now and I loved the flavor of his flowing precum. My mouth got full of saliva many times but I swallowed it and kept sucking him. I looked up into G's face and saw him watching me... grinning with pent up lust. He grabbed my head and rammed his cock in and out of my hot thirsty mouth like a jackhammer out of control. As he did this, I grabbed my own cock and started to jackoff harder and faster too. I was on-fire as well as my mind began to wonder about his cum. G moaned louder and louder and then he blasted his hot seed into my hungry mouth. Spurt after spurt after spurt, his hot sweet cum shot out of his cock directly into my hungry mouth. Just as his cock quit spasming, I stood up and blasted my cum all over his cock...covering it with my cum. Then, I quickly dropped once again to my knees and licked his cock clean. Mmmm... his cum was delicious and ever more so being mixed with mine.

    From that time on, G came over 3-4 times weekly for blowjobs till he moved out of state. I wonder..where is he? Will I ever see him again? Will I ever suck him again?