My Bestfriends Dad

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    I've decide to write from a female perspective for the first time, I think it may be some of my best work. I would love to hear you comments on it! Enjoy!


    My best friend Cassie's mother had run off on her years ago when she was young, Cassie's dad hadn't been with a woman since. He was an attractive man with a strong jawline and muscular frame always coming in the house on a hot day in tank tops after working in the yard really showing off his biceps and when he would use the shirt to wipe the sweat from his forehead I would get a glimpse of his rock hard abs. He was always nice towards me and I was extra nice back. Cassie knew I was totally in love with her dad and she liked the idea of us being together because it would make us like family! Her best friend would be her mother!

    Let me paint a picture of what I guess I look like; long blonde hair, slim figure, long longs, B34 boobs, tight-firm-but pretty what's been called "phat" ass.

    For my 18th birthday I stayed over to Cassie's house, while we were up stairs in her room I came up with a plan and with her blessing of course I went for it. I went downstairs through the living room where Dave (Cassie's dad) was sitting watching TV, I was wearing the tiniest short shorts I owned with knee high socks and a white tank top. I walked by Dave making sure I had his attention which I did. I went into the kitchen and put some water in a glass before splashing it over my chest as if I'd spilled it. I ran into the living room telling Dave what had happened and that I needed a new shirt. He looked shocked trying not to stare on my tits that were poking through the wet shirt.

    He told me to follow him and he'd give me one of his shirts. We went to his room and he grabbed me a shirt, as he reached out to pass it to me I took off my top standing in front of him now with no top and no bra. He asked what I was doing as he turned away and placed his hands over his eyes, I told him I needed to change so why not here? I told him that my breasts were still wet and asked if he would like to help dry me off? Dave tried to assure me that we could not do anything but I stood in front of him and removed his hands from his eyes and told him that it was ok because I'm 18 today. I kissed him fast expecting to be pushed away but hoping not to be and to my surprise he gave in and kissed me back. I took this and ran with it, I was in!

    I pushed Dave onto the bed as we continued to kiss heavily, I moved down to his jeans as he threw off his shirt, I got his big hard cock out and began to play with it! It wasn't long until I wrapped my lips around it and began to gag on his cock. I was enjoying myself and I know Dave was too but he told me to stop and got up! I couldn't believe it! I asked him what was wrong and he told me this was all just too wrong! I jumped up and got in front of the door so he couldn't leave! I began to kiss him all over as I moved him back to the bed...

    I managed to get him back onto the bed and promise him I wasn't a kid anymore and I would give him the best sex he's had in years. Knowing that he hadn't been with a woman in a very very long time I was able to keep him posted, I started to blow him once again to relax him. When I knew he was relaxed I got on top and began to ride his cock! Looking right into his eyes as I rode him like a cowgirl I knew we had a connection.

    I knew he was really loving it because he finally got into and began play with my tits which were still a bit slippery from the water earlier. It wasn't long before Dave couldn't hold back any longer and flipped me over taking full control like a real man! I made him lift me up and nail me against the wall which he did with ease! The wall I was being fucked into was Cassie's room on the other side just to let her know everything was working out and Dave didn't care because he was too focused on giving me the best fucking of my life!

    Off the wall we moved back over to the bed with my body knocking things off the dresser on the way, Dave slammed me back onto the bed and really let his animal side take over as I couldn't stop letting out giant screams and moans of pleasure as I orgasmed! He could've went all night but I demanded he cum! I had already done so and I need him to! If he was going to cum we needed to switch positions so I let Dave bend me over the bed and take me from behind! My ass beating off his body as he pushed me away and pulled me while his cock was inside me! Finally, he came.

    I asked him if he had any regrets and his only one was that I never turned 18 a long time ago.