Moonlit Skinny-dipping Lovers

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    Get your vibrators and jizz-rags ready; the following is a semi-true story. I embellished a little on the details and I changed the girl’s name, but not description because she was so gorgeous doing so would hurt the story.

    It was a warm night and I had just gotten off of work. Me and two of my friends were planning on getting a twelve pack of beer and playing asshole or spades in their room. I was the only one over twenty one so I went into the local bar to get the beer. There was a whole host of camp councilors there, also rewinding after a hard day of dealing with kids.

    A sexy young blonde caught my eye the instant I stepped into the bar. She was sitting at the end of the bar with one of her girlfriends. I asked the bartender for a twelve pack of Miller High Life and didn’t give her a second thought. The bartender disappeared in the back to find one, then I noticed her checking me out. She smiled at me and motioned for me to come to her as her friend left.

    I walked over and sat down and started to flirt. She asked me if I would dance with her and I was about to say yes when the bartender interrupted with the beer. Crap. I asked her to hold that thought for two minutes as I ran the box outside and told my friends that I was out. I went back inside and found her waiting for me on the dance floor.

    Her name was… let’s say: Lucy. She was about five feet tall and had an athletic body (track and cross country,) her short blonde hair reached just past her shoulders. She had a decent sized chest for a thin girl that felt firm and perky up against me on the dance floor. He but and legs were as firm as possible and tone, but not muscular. We danced for only about five minutes before we started making out.

    He tongue was nimble and soft in my mouth and it wrestled with mine until I nearly choked on it when she asked me if I wanted to get out of there. I followed her like a lost puppy out of the bar, but not before grabbing another six pack for the way.

    My car was back at work, I had planned for my friends to bring me back afterwards, so we got into her little sports car. We made quick work of the five miles from the bar to the camp where she had access to the canoes on the lake. We rowed fast to a little private beach that I knew about across the lake. We had barely landed before she tackled me.

    Her hands moved quickly and we gentle and soft as she lifted up my shirt and kissed my chest and worked her way down to my stomach. I moaned from pleasure as she came back up to me and I pulled her red top off. Underneath was a sexy little black bra, I wondered if she had the panties to match, before I could get done thinking it she pulled her little skirt down and showed them to me.

    I was disappointed when she got off of me and ran into the water. I kicked my shoes off and followed her, catching up to her about twenty feet out in chest-high water and we started making out again. My hands snaked around her back and unhooked her bra. I threw it towards the shore and it splashed in the water just before it. As she moved down to kiss my neck I could finally see what my hands had already found. In the water her breasts floated and were ever so perfect. About a size B with nice little nipples that were hard and were getting harder as my hands rubbed against them.

    I breathed deeply for a moment, not from pleasure, but for knowing that it would let me hold my breathe longer. My head disappeared under the water. It was dark, but the light from the camp was enough for me to somewhat see what I was doing. I pulled her black panties down to her ankles and she stepped out of them.

    I found my way to her clitoris at the top of her smoothly shaven vagina. Her petite body was matched by the petite little flower that my tongue now danced over. My heart was beating hard and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stay under for more than a minute or two. I relaxed as her hand found its way to my head and pushed me against her. She had now stepped out of her panties and put one leg up, resting it against my shoulder.

    My lungs started to burn, but I kept at it, my face in her crotch and my hand on her firm buttocks, my other hand on her leg, occasionally leaving to keep myself buoyant. Her body wriggled and I could hear faint sounds of her moaning. I couldn’t stay under any longer so I slowly made my way up her body, kissing every inch of it from her clitoris, to her naval, to her chest, and then finally surfacing to find my lips on her neck.
    I could now hear her moaning as she looked at me with her deep blue eyes. Her mouth found mine again and her hand found my shorts. She quickly pulled them part of the way down, just enough to release my throbbing penis. She grabbed ahold of it and stroked it every so gently, finding the head and rubbing it. Her other hand found my butt and held me close as she moved down and rubbed my balls. I shimmied out of my shorts and threw them onto the shore.

    My penis played around in the water, rubbing up against her body as she lifted one of her legs and guided it inside of her. She was tight as hell, I’m not sure if it was the position or the girl or both, but if felt amazing. This ended my two month dry spell as she wrapped her one leg around me and bounced up and down on it. I grabbed her butt for support and wrapped her other leg around me. In the water she was light and buoyant and I was able to pick her up out of the water enough so that I could get my first clear look at her breasts. Perfect.

    Her arms wrapped around my neck and kissed me deeply as my penis slid in and out of her tight vagina. I wanted to put my hands on her chest, but every time I tried she would start to slip away, even with her holding onto my neck.

    “Don’t come inside me,” she told me as her face started to get flush and her breathing got deeper. I could tell that she was close to orgasm, even though I wasn’t. I nodded and kept going until she pulled her lips away from my mouth and threw her head back and moaned loudly. I could feel her vagina walls contract and release as she orgasmed. This made me want to come so I slowed down.

    I made sure that I had a good grip on her and then started to walk to shore, my penis still inside of her. She was heavier than I thought she was, muscular girls tend to be that way but I was able to take my penis out of her vagina and bring her onto land. I laid her down on top of my shirt and reentered her. She moaned again but then flipped me over onto my back and road me cowgirl style.

    This was my first look at her entire body. Her body itself made me think about coming. Her breasts bounced in the moonlight and the light from the camp and the shadows danced across her body in a surreal way.

    “I’m close,” I told her and she pulled me out of her and she shimmied down, grasping my penis with one hand and kissing my chest, stomach… then skipping my penis. Her tongue instead went down to my balls. She rubbed my penis with her soft, perfectly manicured hand and sucked on my balls hard. It felt great and prolonged my orgasm.

    Then she put the head of my dick in her mouth. Her mouth felt as good as her pussy. She was only able to get just past the head, but that’s the best part anyway. She only had to do that for a minute and I told her that I was coming. To my surprise she didn’t pull it out and kept going as I shot hot semen into her mouth. After I was done she licked up and down the shaft a few more times, rubbing my balls the whole time and swallowed every bit of the hot load that I had given her. She smiled and kissed her way back up to my mouth.

    “Do me again,” she said as she laid on her back and I went down and fingered her pussy while taking her swollen clit in my mouth. She didn’t last long and came to another trembling orgasm.

    We laid there on the rocky beach for an hour or so, making out and talking. We had sex one more time before heading back. I don’t know if her panties are still at the bottom of the lake, but I didn’t pick them up and I don’t think she did either.
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    My vibrator is in the shop for its 100,000 mile check up. Thanks for the hot story, though. ;)
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    This was a Hot story.... If it were me I would have wanted you to cum inside me.