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    A couple answers to my ad about massages for HER, the lady wants to try having a man massage her while her man watches. I made it clear in my ad and reply I will massage EVERYWHERE, and if she lets me I will suck her breasts, make her orgasm. Oh please do that to me and suck my pussy she says. Sex between her and me is not to happen so getting horny I mention I would be happy to be touched at the very least, and if she desired to let me have intercourse, fuck her breasts or suck on my cock I will gladly let her do but however it's not an option. I am quite happy with letting her use her hands anyway, something I really enjoy. They have never done this before, the man is really into the idea of watching his wife being touched all over by another man who will please her orally, watch her please another man's cock.
    My idea is when I massage her arms I give her something to hold on to, for a bit of tease to myself, guiding her hand to stroke me, caress my balls, repeating the same on the other side. Every now and then stand close and let her feel my erection while I massage and caress her. Before I get real serious on her I place her hand over my cock so she masturbates me nice and slow, rub the head until I cum, let her man see her make me cum, let him see me shoot my load, make her feel sexy and dirty at the same time, and give her something visual to think about when I give her all she allows me to give her, while her man watches her being pleased.
    Making them all hot, they go home and can't wait to fuck each other, too horny to enjoy nice sex.
  2. Wow! Sounds nice! :)