[Ask a Girl] Making a video for my wife

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    Okay, I was thinking I like videos of us. My wife likes me giving her oral sex, and back when we were first married she liked porn enough that she liked watching cunilingus - particularly girl-girl.

    So what I want to know is how to set up the camera and the scene. I'm completely aware that there's a difference between cunilingus that feels good to a woman and doing it for the visual effect - my wife likes it with my mouth and tongue and everything in contact with a lot of her parts at once, and that ma kes for things being a bit covered up and not much to see but the top of my head between her legs.

    Maybe that's not as much of an issue for a woman anyway so that's one question... I am assuming that I don't want to change what I do just to make a video for her because her enjoying it is an essential component of a good video.

    So next question would be whether women prefer a closeup or seeing both of our bodys completely in frame?

    Is there a position preference for watching? I'd find her on top most visually appealling personally, although being able to watch her boobs and facial expression during the act has been nice since she's started enjoying the feel of how I do it from her feet, but it takes 69 position to make her come..