Lucky Uncle

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    She spent most of yesterday afternoon with me. It was kind of a mellow day, no gangbangs or anything really extreme-unless you count a 54 year old uncle getting to fuck his 33 year old sexy, horny niece as extreme.

    We started off with both of simply being naked in one another's company, and of course when she's naked, my cock gets really hard. So, there we were, just sitting on the couch, me with fully erect member standing straight up and leaking lots of pre cum and her sitting cross-legged on the couch facing me. Every few minutes, she touch the tip of my cock and take a drop of pre cum on the tip of her finger and then taste it while I gently rolled her clit between my thumb and index finger. Every now and then she would slide her hr fingernail ever so slowly and gently the length of the underside of my throbbing hard shaft from just under the head down to my scrotum, stopping tofondle my swollen nut sac and then on down to caress my asshole. We just sat and did this for a good forty-five minutes or and hour until I was so hot and hard that I thought I might shoot a hands free cumshot.

    I laid her back and spread her legs, one fot up on the back of the couch and the other on the floor. I started at her lips, kissing her hard on the mouth, then nibbled her ears, kissed her neck and worked my way down to her 34D tits, fondling and kissing them, taking time to nibble and suck each hard nipple. Then I licked my down to her belly, kissing her just above her pubic mound and nestling my face into her light blonde muff. I was teasing her, rubbing her clit and gently fingering her wet pussy, but I by passed that and kissed the inside of her thighs, letting my tongue wander down to her pretty brown puckered asshole. I tongue fucked her ass for a bit as she moaned and squeezed my head between her legs. Then I kissed my way down her right legs and worshipped her sexy feet, kissing the soles and sucking her toes before I kissed my way back up her right leg to her pussy. I went to work, kissing and gently tonguing her meaty labia, and twirling my tongue as deep into her as I could get it, then I would nibble her clit while finger fucking her by now sopping wet twat as she writhed and moaned. I did this for quite a while, bringing her to brink of orgasm and then stopping while I blew warm air onto her pussy. Finally I buried my face in there and began to vigouresly tongue fuck her and rub her clit until she shuddered and hosed down my face with her she cum.

    Then it was my turn. I laid back in the same poistion and she went to work on my cock. She buried her face in my asshole, tongue fucking me while she stroked my super aroused, rock hard, pre cum flowing cock. She teased me for a good thirty minutes, worshipping my big hard cock and heavy cum swollen balls. She would lick the length of my shaft. Then, she inserted a pencil sized metal rod into my urethra, leaving it there while she tongued my asshole and slowly stroked me. Then as, I was just about ready to blow my load and could hardly stand it anymore, she stuck two fingers into my ass, curling them to massahe my prostate as she stroked me harder and faster. But, the metal rod in my cock was keeping me from cumming. My god, it was intense as the pressure built. I was going insane. At last she slowly withdrew the rod, pre cum flowing from the head of my cock as did so, and all the while tickling my prostate. As the rod got free of my cock, I erupted a geyser of thick, roping cum into her waiting mouth.