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    A mailman goes to the local country club to golf. So he is about finishing the last hole, and he runs into an assasin. This assasin uses a sniper to kill of his victims, so the mailman asks this assasin if he can look through the sniper. He agrees, the mailman looks at the hills where his house is. He spots his wife within the house, upsettingly with his best friend who is a delivery boy. Obviously the mailmans wife is cheating on him. He then asks the assasin to do a job. He said he will pay him 1000$ to shoot his wife in the mouth, and another 1000$ to shoot his friend the delivery boy's penis. The sniper agrees to do the job. 30 minutes has passed and the mailman is getting annoyed that the sniper hasn't done anything. He asks the sniper what is taking so long, the sniper responds, "I am trying to save you 1000$."
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