Last Day of term Before Xmas - Part 2

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    “Come here” she whispered, “so that I can kiss you, I want to taste you and my juices as well” Never being one to deny a lady I moved so that my rigid cock was next to her mouth. In my devotions to her pussy and clit I had forgotten that she was attending to Eddie with her mouth and tongue. Withdrawing him from her mouth she smiled lewdly wiping her mouth with her hand. At fairly close quarters to her husband’s cock I had a good opportunity to see it properly for the first time. God was I jealous, he was some seven to eight inches in length, getting on for two inches thick, not circumference but thickness, circumcised with a very purple coloured head. Turning her head to my smaller offering she took it between her fingers and gave several firm strokes before moving to my balls where she used her fingernails on them, firmer than tickling but not as hard as scratching, it was a very sensual feeling that if continued for too long a time could almost have had me coming. In the end I had to ask her to stop before the inevitable would have happened. Moving her hand back to my cock she guided it towards her warm, eager mouth and began to just lightly caress the knob with her tongue, round and round, first one way then the other then licking up and down on the slit before using the tip of her tongue in that so sensitive spot. Sue must have felt that I was becoming over excited because she placed her lips around the top, just under the ridge making a swirling, sucking motion with her tongue and mouth. Suddenly her mouth plunged down my shaft taking the entire length in far enough that I could just feel the back of her throat holding it there for a good few seconds before slowly, oh so slowly withdrawing whilst holding her tongue against the underside.

    Eddie was busy at her pussy with his tongue and fingers, again she was working her way towards another climax but this time much more quickly than her previous one. Gently she took me into her mouth again, this time with a sense of urgency because she knew that she was about to come again. Her efforts to induce my climax mounted as I felt her reaching her point of no return with her husband’s efforts on her pussy. Just a couple of moments later she began to cum and redoubled her efforts on my bursting cock, then almost simultaneously I exploded deep into her mouth experiencing one of the most intense climaxes that I have ever had. Having lain there almost inert for a minute or so as my cock gradually softened so I withdrew. Eddie took my place and he too came within a few seconds in Sue’s mouth. We all lay motionless for a short while before we disentangled ourselves then we just snuggled up together, satisfied and happy.

    Time for a little refreshment, some smalltalk and an opportunity to refresh various parts in the bathroom ready for round two.

    Eddie said that he wanted to fuck Sue to which she readily agreed saying if that was the case she would like me in a sixty-nine with her on top, sounded good to me! Her husband watched as we arranged ourselves appropriately, I was treated to a wonderful sight as she straddled me, still standing pulled her cunt lips apart to again show me her innermost parts as well as her urethra. Before me was a gorgeous vision of her pussy and bum framed by black suspenders and stockings. Slowly, ever so slowly she lowered herself towards my face before resting her sweet wetness against my mouth for a while, then leant forward with her head just above my still slack cock. Wriggling her hips she settled in the position that she wanted, in the meantime her husband thoughtfully placed a pillow under my head to relieve potential strain on my neck. Applying my mouth to her still moist pussy I began tonguing her slit up and down with each upstroke edging towards her perineum stopping no further than very edge of her anus to begin the return journey.

    As I reached her clit one more time Eddie positioned himself behind her, slipped inside and began fucking Sue doggy fashion. She obviously liked this because she was responding by thrusting against her husband in time with his pelvic movements. Meantime I continued happily lapping away. Suddenly Eddie withdrew, I could see his cock glistening with her vaginal juices and twitching quite noticeably, then he pressed himself against my mouth. Now this was a first for me, I was not quite sure whether to take him in or reject his kind offer to give him a blowjob. It did not take long before I accepted, letting him to taste Sue on him. He moved gently in and out a couple of times before pulling out, slipping back inside his wife literally before my very eyes. Some moments later he withdrew again, this time I was ready and took him inside again. Slightly strange and surprisingly I was beginning to enjoy this new experience when he went back to fucking his wife.

    In the meantime Sue had not been idle and was giving me yet another spine tingling blowjob with the seemingly apparent intent of making me cum as quickly as possible, not that I was objecting of course. The inevitable happened soon after when I came in her mouth, she swallowed every drop leaving my now rapidly softening cock in her mouth. Above me I could sense that Eddie was about to come inside her which did groaning and shuddering as though he were almost having a fit of some description. Having calmed down he left his cock inside a while, when half hard he withdrew placing it against my mouth again. Without even thinking about it I began sucking him, it was a slightly strange yet delicious flavour with his cum and Sue’s secretions coating it, not unpleasant at all for a new experience. Soon he withdrew as his cock became totally flaccid and moved away.

    As he moved away I looked up and saw Sue’s vagina just starting to dribble with his cum from inside her, slowly forming into a white string with just a little blob on the lower end. Whilst I was enjoying yet another first experience Sue lowered her pussy onto my face and sat up thus pressing her dripping cunt gently against my face. My response was to open my mouth and begin licking her, again a different taste sensation because of the mingling of their juices. Must admit to a little surprise that I was enjoying this having broken another couple of ducks by sucking not only my first cock but one covered with cum and cunt juice but also the very first time that I had ever been directly involved with a man in any sexual way. Yes, I have had a number of threesomes with couples before and very enjoyable they were too but never like this!

    Finally Sue lifted herself from me, turned around and gave me a really intense French kiss, another first, this time snowballing. Eddie was leaning back on the settee by now whilst his wife was wiping herself clean before seating herself next to him. I got up and was asked to sit the other side of her which I did, leaning my head against her shoulder, placing my hand between her legs. Looking up I saw that she had a very happy and contented smile and wondered just why that could be! Some minutes later I went to the bathroom to freshen up before dressing ready to go home. When i returned to the sitting room Sue stood up, hugged me thanking me for a very enjoyable evening, how could I possibly argue with that? We all agreed that we most certainly would meet again soon for another sexy evening. Happily my wife had very few days off work over the Christmas period so we met several more times until just after the New Year, each time was just better and better as we became more relaxed and comfortable with each other..