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    Carmen abandoned the car. She walked for an hour, and randomly chose my door to knock on. I answered the door in my pajamas.
    “Ahh, yes, hello…I need some help.”
    “Whoah. Where are your clothes? You don’t look so well. Come inside--please.”
    “Thank you very much. It’s a little bit cold outside. …My feet are hurting too. You’re so kind. I’m glad I chose a nice person’s door to knock on.”
    “Let me get a robe for you—“
    “No! Don’t bother. Can I wash my feet in your bathtub? …Would that be okay?”
    “Umm…sure. No problem. I imagine something extreme must have happened to you. How could I refuse to help a person in need? I would want someone to do the same for me, if I was in need.”
    “Thank you for caring. You know how it is with most people—they’d call the police.”
    “Especially in these times. It is the year 2020.”


    Carmen lay in the tub. She told me I could stay and watch her bathe.
    Her breasts are easily visible. They’re beautiful. Her hair is long and pretty.
    “What’s your name?”
    “My name is Simon.”
    “Oh. My brother’s name was Simon. He’s dead now, though.”
    “Sorry to hear that…”
    She leans her head back, and brings her hands under her plump breasts. She’s rubbing the undersides of them.
    “Simon. There’s enough room in this tub that you could come and sit opposite to me. I’d appreciate it if you would. Really.”
    “Aren’t you afraid of me getting aroused?”
    “Quite the opposite…”
    “This is a perfect opportunity, don’t you think so?”
    “Well…for one of us to seduce the other.”
    “Yeah. I’m feeling to be touched and loved. Maybe you are too? …It seems like you live here alone.”
    “Yeah, I live here alone…and I do feel lonely. …This will be a new experience for me.” I take off my shirt, then my pants and underwear. I place them in my room. Carmen’s watching me closely, observing my entire body, and how I move. I step into the tub, and submerge myself in the shallow water.
    We don’t say anything. I’m seeing her very closely now, and the atmosphere feels very intimate and intense. She’s looking into my eyes, and her cheeks look very warm suddenly. She reaches forward and touches my hip. She rubs my skin.
    With her other hand she reaches for her crotch. I slowly reach forward and try to feel there too.
    “Mmmmmmm…” :) Carmen)


    “Carmen, you’re so beautiful.”
    “I feel special with you already. It feels so amazing. Even though it’s just been a short time.”
    “…You don’t have to tell me now, but…how is it that you came to my door naked?” I sat back on my side of the bathtub.
    “I was very stressed out, and I went a bit crazy. I started feeling extremely hot, and I took off my clothes. I had been in a car. I don’t know where it is now.”
    “You abandoned your car somewhere?”
    “I think so.” She rubbed her forehead, and lowered her head.
    “What was stressing you out?”
    “I was evicted from my apartment. Also, I had been depending on my savings, which has now run out. …I remember what happened--my car ran out of gas! …When I was driving it…”
    “Oh no.”
    I looked at her, with her lowered head. I reached for her, and stroked her hair, and along the back of her neck.
    “Carmen…would you want to stay with me in my home here? You’re welcome to stay with me. You’re so loving to me.”
    She slides over to me and wraps her arms around my torso. She kisses my skin repeatedly. She grips my buttocks while beginning to kiss my stomach and crotch.
    “I’m…crying now. Ha ha ha!”
    We look at each other.
    “Carmen, you don’t have a boyfriend out there?”
    “I lived alone.”
    “Someone so beautiful as you?!”
    “I don’t feel beautiful!”
    “I’ve never had a girlfriend. There’ve only been a few women that I know of who liked me. I wasn’t able to connect with them, though…for various reasons.”
    “Did you like all of them?”
    “Yep. One of them, she eventually let me know that she was married, so I didn’t bother with her; another girl, I wasn’t able to see her because I ended up moving away and not seeing her again. They all took the initiative to pay attention to me. I didn’t approach them first.”
    “I’ve never had a boyfriend, my entire life. I tend to stay by myself. I feel like a freak, usually. A misfit.”
    “Me too.”
    We hold each other, and kiss each other again and again.
    To feel the weight of her beautiful body. Her long hair. Her breasts against me. I can feel her breathing, her chest moving in and out. I think I feel her heart beating. Her butt is so close to me. I can reach down and feel it. I rub her right butt cheek, amazed at the shape of it. I squeeze it. I’m feeling incredibly aroused. I move my crotch to the side, and jerk my penis up and down with my hand. Carmen pushes herself against me, and I feel her wetness. She begins rubbing her crotch with her hand.
    I squirt semen out, and Carmen holds my penis with her hand. She kisses my neck. I hug her. She feels so slim and curvy. I rub her butt crack with my fingers. Her skin seems sort of pliable. I keep rubbing her ass. She sticks a finger into her vagina.
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    Hmmmm, kinda scary, don't turn your back on her, Simon.