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    Oct 28, 2011
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    DW and I have been looking for some games to play. Not the bedroom board or dice games, but games like role play or flirting, etc. If you Google "sex games" or "couples games" you get all these commercial products and the typical women's/men's magazine sex advice. Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

    To give everyone an idea, here's a few we've done or are planning on doing at some point:

    • DW dresses up in something really hot and we go to a bar or club, but enter separately. I take a seat wear I can see her and she flirts with other guys. She is very flirty anyway and when she travels for work has been hit on many times when she goes out with friends. Really turns me on. At some point, after she spends the night teasing these other men (or women), I come up and we flirt and she leaves with me. Only problem is you can't see the looks on the other guys faces.
    • We've also thought about going to another city, Vegas would be our first choice. We'd park at one of the big hotels, and take a walk down the strip to some restrooms we've scouted and change into other clothes we've brought in a backpack and stuff our street clothes into the back pack and lock the zipper together, the key being back at our car. The fun part is what we would change into. We've thought about sexy costumes, or really revealing clothes say a short skirt with stocking tops showing, anything that's not offensive but out of our comfort zone. I'd love to see DW walk down the strip in a fairy costume complete with wings.:lol Only problem is its much easier to find stuff for her to wear than it is me.
    • Finally, we've taken to liking nude hikes. We try and pick spots where we could be discovered, but its not likely or we can avoid other people if need be. We like to take pictures showing where we went, like a particular wilderness sign or our vehicle in the distance behind us. These aren't long hikes, a few hundred yards or so. Just enough to make us feel exposed and excited. We're sensitive to kids seeing us, so weekdays are good, but around where we live, there are more cows than people.
    So, what do you guys do? We're always looking for new ideas and maybe other people will get some new ideas too.