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    Hello, my names Lupus, and i play online games... (then you say Hello Lupus)... heh

    Anyway, my wife and i play quite often, usually after our boy goes to bed. Well several weeks ago I started chatting again with a gal that i had met when i first started playing, but we hadn't seen each other for quite a while. The next night i have a rather vivid dream about (and i know it's odd) our two characters having a quite wild tryst. That day at night class i write a story about the dream. Then that night i see her online again, weird coincidence since i hadn't seen her in weeks... I tell her about the story and she wants me to send it to her. I do, and initially there is some weird stuff between my wife and I, her thinking i am keeping things from her, and me trying to explain that i am just a little weirded out about haveing written it in the first place, and how it has been akward to talk to her about. Ultimately we have a huge heart to heart, and some amazing sex to boot, and are right is rain again.

    So fast forward a couple weeks, and this gal and my wife are becoming good friends both thru the game, and Myspace IM. It's quite odd how much we know about each other really, now that i type this out... Now we all flirt while online together, and i have even written a couple more stories, and she promises to write one for us.

    In general i guess this is a "so this weird thing happened to me..." type post. Anyone else have have somethng similar happen?

    Maybe if the ladies say it's Ok, i'll post the stories...