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    The wife was tired of me being gone all the time. She said we needed quality time together. At the time I was a cross country truck driver, Gone about 2 weeks at a time and home only for a weekend. So she went and took the class and got her a CDL. License. We were a team then. When I slept she drove and when she slept I drove. The truck rolled 24 hours,And finally we were making money.

    This routine lasted severall weeks, We needed a brake, So I parked us in a small truck stop in Arizona, In the verry back, Where we could have some privacy.

    *Honey you ought to take me to a motell for a change.*

    *Oh baby you don't want to stay in one of those nasty places*

    *Not that kind of motell,I mean a nice place.*

    *What?...You mean one of those $90.00 a night places!...Hell no!...We aint on no vacation!*

    *Your such a tight wad!*

    *This is a nice place right here you will see.*

    We went in to the truck stop and took a shower, And returned to the truck for about a 5 hour nap. We woke up hungry, So I treated her to a romantic dinner at the Choke and puke, It's one of those kind of places you can feel your arteries clogging up from all the grease. By this time it was getting dark, And the place was filling up. Noisy Idleing trucks everywhere. We went back to the truck for some quality love making time. We put in one of those love songs of the 70's Cd's. ,We got nakeid and started kissing. I played with her freshly shaved pussy. Barely touching it with my fingers,Traceing around it, Teaseing her. There was a knock on the door. I ignored it, And went down to her big puffy nipples,Sampleing each one. Once again there was a knock on the door.

    *I want treat.* She said pushing my head down toward her pussy.

    *And don't forget to clean my tank,I washed it good for you.*

    The knock on the door got louder. But I went down on her and began eating her wet and slick pussy and toungeing her ass every now and then. I was fixing to get ready to mount her and some son of a bitch was beating on the door constantly.

    *Damnit!...I guess I better check this out.*

    I put some shorts on and opened the passanger side window, And there it stood. A Damn crack whore with meth mouth. She was skinny as a rail, Hardly no tits at all and about 4 teeth in her head. Dressed in a tube top,Daisy dukes and flipflops.

    *Hey baby you lookin for a date?* She asked.

    Misty came out of the sleeper and looked down at her.

    *Hey you God Damn whore!...I'm working this side of the lot!...You get your ass over to the oter side!* With her firey red headed temper. I was not expecting the little whore to stand her ground.

    *Listen here Bitch!...I own the whole lot!...You move your ass out!.*

    Butt ass nakeid Misty got out of the truck to confront this bitch. As she was climbing down the little whore grabbed her and threw her on to the ground and the cat fight was on! I watched totaly amused as my wife was getting the shit beat out of her. Others heard the comotion and gatherd around to watch these bitches roll arond in the mud,slop and gravel. Punching ,kicking and gougeing each other.

    Finally Misty got the upper hand on top of her at allmost 200 pounds , The little whore was not going to get up. She beat her. Then grond her face in to the gravels, By the hair of the head she drug her to a mud hole and tryed to drown her,Finally she had her hands arond her neck,Chokeing the shit out of her. I finally got out and pryed her off of her.

    *Get off of her before you kill her!* I yelled.

    *Get your ass back in the truck!...Before someone calls the God Damn law!*

    We got back in the truck. A few miniutes later everything was quiet except for the idleing trucks. The next morning She went for another shower,We had breakfast at the Choke and puke and continued onour trip.