If my dreams would come true!

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    This is my first Erotica Literature. I know it is pretty lengthy but I hope you read anyway. Please tell me what you think. :D

    I have had a reoccurring dream for a few months now. I love when I have this dream. I wake up, dick throbbing, my hard cock covered in pre-cum. My boxers are sticky from the night, where they too were soaked in my nectar... Waking up only to realize that my lovely isn't in bed next to me. She is miles and miles away and Im left with my own dreams to, literally, get me through the day.

    I walk into my room and I see a beautiful woman standing next to my bed. She has some contraptions set up all around the room and a black bag at her feet. Im not sure I am not sure what’s in it, but I know I like it. I can feel my dick start to rise. My heart is racing. Who is she? I can't tell... She is wearing a mask. She is wearing a black lace corset which stops below her breasts, which are fully exposed. Her nipples look like bright pink pencil erasers hard as can be. Her black thong disappears into her plump perfect ass. She is wearing thigh high stalking which cover her long legs all the way down to her 6 inch high heels. Her voice is unlike anyone I have ever herd. So silky and sexual as she talks to me.

    First, she asks my name. Then demands I take my to take my shirt off. Her voice is calm yet stern. As I am taking my shirt off, she turns around to grab something out of her bag. When she turns back around I am naked. “No no no. You do as your told silly. Were you told to get naked?” “Um n...” She stops me. “Did I tell you to talk?” I shake my head no. “Good! Now why are you hard?.... Answer me?” “I don’t know, your really hot”, I say. “Ugh, shut up. Don’t move.” She said as she goes back in her bag and pulls out another item. Its too dark for me to see what it is. “Turn around bitch!” She demands. I do so promptly. She tells me I have the right to remain silent. Handcuffs me and blind folds me. I ask her her name and she smacks my ass. I laugh and she smacks my ass again, and then my face. Im going to have to keep you quiet. She then places a gag, to what I later find to be a 3 inch dildo, in my mouth and secures it to my head. Now I really can’t talk!

    She starts kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear as she rubs her exposed breasts on my back. She is being tender. She turns me around and starts kissing the back of the gag. She lifts up my blind fold, looks me in the eye and then she says, “this would be a lot better if you would just be quiet. Will you be quiet for me sweetie?” I nod yes and she says, “be a good boy and I will take it out later”. Then she covers my eyes and proceeds to give me a blow job.

    (My inner thoughts) Wow, who is this girl. She is really hot. Oh my god that feels so amazing. Ok I am hand cuffed, blind folded and have a rubber cone in my mouth. What the hell is going on.

    Thats all the thoughts I had before I came.

    “Oh my! I imagined you would last longer for such a ‘big boy’ haha” Im starting to not like this. Then she says... “Do you want to fuck me?” I nod yes. “You will have to last longer than that to fuck ME! haha. Don’t worry big boy. I have faith in you. Now if you want to fuck me, you will do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it. You got that?” I nod yes again. She then goes back down and takes my now flaccid dick in her mouth once more, squeezing with her lips as tight as she can, going from the base to the tip getting all the left over cum. “Mama needs her protein, now get on the bed” She says as she stands up.

    Once I am on the bed, she directs the cuffs so now I am reaching over my head, cuffed to the bed post, my body laying on the bed with a tall pillow under my stomach, then she whispers. “Once Im done with this, the gag comes out.” I get excited. My ass is sticking in the air, and I know what is about to happen. I have experimented with anal for the past few years but up until that minute, I hoped, It has only been a solo event.

    I get excited and my cock starts to throb again. I use the bed to pull back the blindfold and I peak back to catch a glance at what she is doing. Her back is facing me and she is leaning over taking her thong off. Her head turns and catches me stealing a peak. She backhands me and I turn away. She smacks my ass real hard this time and the gag silences the yell. “Did I say turn around? Do as your told, nothing else!”

    I feel a cold wet liquid enter my ass hole. My dick hardens. I can almost cum right now. Oh that feels so good, I begin to think. I can feel how slippery it is just by it being inside me. Then the liquid begins to tingle and now it feels really cold and tender. But a good kind of tender. When air make contact with my open anus, I clench my cheeks together. Im really about to cum. In my head, I begin referring to this mystery lady as Lucy. Lucy reaches between my legs and cups my balls. then feels my throbbing cock. “Perfect she says”. She spreads my checks, spits on my ass hole and I brace for insertion. Instead I feel her tongue lick the bottom of my balls. She moves up and cups my ass hole. She proceeds to eat out my ass hole until she reaches satisfaction. I have never had this done and it feels quite amazing. I am amazed on how far she get up there and how strong her tongue is.

    Once she is satisfied, she sits up squirts a warm liquid all over the inside and outside of my anus. Just as I thing she is going back for dessert, I feel a thick dildo peak its head in my ass. “relax”, Lucy says... “It will be much easier.” I spread my legs as far as I can, arch my back and loosen my grip from this golfball sized object inching in and out of my ass. “Thats it baby, you’ll get it little by little. You like that huh?” I shake my head yes vigorously. Inch by inch she pushes in until I feel her hip bones on my ass cheeks. Then she slowly pulls out. It felt like she touched my stomach with that thing. It took a good 10 seconds to pull all the way out. She reached around and takes off my blindfold. I finally got a glimpse at this behemoth. It appeared to be 3 inches wide and 10 inches long. Still with the gag in, I moaned and wiggled my butt as if to ask for more.

    Then, Lucy grabbed the inside of my hips and trusted back in me, making a clapping sound as her hips smacked my ass. She began pumping in and out of me like her life depended on it. I moaned as my cock was a pre cum sprinkler. In and out, in and out Lucy trusted... I wanted to scream but I couldn't. 8 or so minutes passed and I still haven’t came yet. I was almost there but Lucy stops. She undoes my cuffs long enough to flip me over on my back. She puts the pillow under my back and re-restrains me to the headboard. “Your doing so well sweetie” she says as she begins to anal fuck me yet again. This time Im on my back my hard cock is hard as can be. Throbbing, spewing pre cum on my trimmed pubes. I am so hard, her thrusting is not moving my dick at all. Only 2 minutes in and I shoot my load all over my stomach. A minute later, Lucy finishes plowing me. She slowly pulls out. My cock is limp. It has no life left. Lucy leans over, taking my flaccid cock in her mouth once again and vacuums the seed out of my lifeless cock. She then licks up my stomach, not stopping until all the seamen is gone. “You have done phenomenally well sweetie. I had my doubts about you.” She said as she undid all of my restraints. She took the gag out and I saw it was a mini dildo. I couldn't help but laugh.

    I was exhausted but I really wanted to fuck this beautiful woman. “Your not done yet!” she said as she took off here dildo. She pulled out a giant but plug from her black bag, lubed it up and placed it on a stool that she previously set up in the corner. She locked it in place and told me to sit. After sitting up, I looked at it and looked at her. Knowing what she would do, (smack me) if I said anything, I got up and sat on the chair, slipping the plug in my ass which was tingling from all the friction that had just taken place. She took off her corset, now just in high heels and thigh highs. Her pubes were completely shaven except for a small triangle landing strip. The first full look I have gotten at this woman and I was impressed! I was ready for what else she had coming my way because I really really wanted to fuck this “ Lucy”. She reached down and flipped a switch on the chair and it began to vibrate, violently! The but plug also violently vibrated. No complaints here.

    “You like?” she said. I nodded. “Good.” She said as she lay on the bed. She was laying on her back and positioned the chair so she could place her legs on my shoulders. Perfect position for me to go down on her. I started eating her out, licking the inner and outer lips, sucking on her clit. As I darted my tongue in her wet pussy, my cock began to rise from the dead, I felt her back tense and begin to arch. As she began to orgasm, her legs tightened around my head pulling me closer. I was throbbing at this point. The vibrations from the chair were so powerful my tongue was vibrating. Right as I felt her about to orgasm a second time she began to moan. Just then I stuck my finger in her ass with one hand and pinched her nipple with the other. She let out a loud moan and began to pant. A flood of juice entered my mouth. her legs quivering, Lucy looked up and said. “now, FUCK ME!”

    I got off the chair, climbed on the bed and in one swift motion trusted my sore sobbing cock into her wet pussy. Feeling her velvet insides for the first time, I almost lost it. I start sucking on each of her nipples which were razor sharp. I begin to thrust and all of the sudden... I wake up. :cry

    When wake up and my cock is throbbing soaked boxers and I want sex! Lucy is all but a memory. I then reach down, grab my 8 inch dildo, which looks like a beginners toy at this point and head to the shower to try and remember Lucy one last time. :penisdance