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    I slipped as I had a breakthrough a few days ago.
    After explaining what is happening to her body and saying "I know ...",
    one day she just let me continue to my heart's content after finding the magic formula how to use my mouth on her breasts. She discovered it's a good thing to let it happen after all, she was a bit nervous about all that crazy throbbing below.
    Then it got stronger and I helped relieve it by resting my hand with a pressure. That caused her to jam my hand against her harder and grind her hips as she is moaning loud.
    Tonight was no exception. She came, unable to "do anything" so at some point she started stroking me on the couch. After a while I got so wet she could use the precum as lube over the head, it kept leaking in a useful way. After a couple of minutes she finally made me orgasm.
    Her first official full handjob without showing too much, and like me, she HAD to watch the ejaculation.
    It turned her on quite a bit to watch it, and to feel my penis "jump" in her hand as she described it.
    Turned on enough to have me suck her breasts. Even licking got her to orgasm, then I started going to town in the way that works great. She lost it in a good way and asked me to rub her over her pants.
    She got stiff for a few seconds, orgasming so good from her nipples, she learned to let go that barrier and enjoy what comes naturally.

    Then she got back to stroking me again until I got all messy, then asked to stand up.
    Looking at me, she placed my hand behind her head and started sucking me like there is no tomorrow.
    She made sounds of pleasure everytime it twitched in her mouth. I so wanted to be brought to orgasm but she stopped, asking to use her breasts. She loves seeing the ejaculation now, feeling it.
    But going at it so soon after a strong orgasm, I could not give her the mess she was asking for.
    It felt great while it lasted.
    Next time she wants to finish me with her mouth and watch it ejaculate. Go for it girl! :)
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