I feel like i need to reintroduce myself

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    I've been a member for I dont know how long... a few of you know me..
    I'm a married man and I love sex, I've been seeking extramarital activities and have succeeded a few times, probably a dozen different women over the last 2 and a half years. Most of them very unsatisfying encounters, them being not as horny as nne most of the time.
    Whay I cane to realize was that I was chasing what was easy..

    Then from February till August of this year, I had a regular mistress, 29 yo, we would meet and fuck 3 to 5 times a week, sometimes taking a day or afternoon off work so I could fuck her longer. I became a monster in bed, butt even het, as horny as she was, couldn't cope with me. She finally felt in love with me and we ended this relationship.

    I then started a depression, not due to that, but from work and my martial situation. And stayed quiet for a month. But last Friday, I created a new kind of profile on a few apps and websites and it looks like this:
    Looking for pleasure, so haterz gonna hate
    Handsome bearded Viking

    Here are some of the criteria I'm looking for:
    Bad girl
    Good girl
    Freak in the bed
    Fit, really fit
    Big breasts
    Small pointy breast
    5' and under
    Professionnal/ classy
    Under 25
    Over 45
    In between too

    I'm too dominant for you
    If we match, I expect you tell me why

    Oooh I'm in a complicated relationship :/....
    Still curious?!?

    I actually just discovered I like being dominant by meeting a woman who likes it really rough. Then, after chatting with a few of them, I met one that's into 50 shades type thing. I've never watched the movie, but I like the power, so after a few days talking, I talked het into waiting for me blindfolded on her bed, I built a trust with her and sent her a picture of my drivers license to prove that I'm serious. I'll write another post regarding the details.

    All that to say that I am getting a kick out of this and I'm excited about giving you more details soon.

    Feel free to comment or start a conversation it'd you have questions

    Ill also put new pictures in a new album, feel free to check them out and/ or follow me :)

    Nice meeting all of you again!!
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    Welcome to SF again xo
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