I enjoy writing about my sexual experiences, come read/comment!

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    I wanted to start a thread on not just my experiences, but anyone who would like to tell us about theirs as well :)

    So a few years ago, I had this friend, and me and him hung out almost everyday. Days as everyone knows, get boring after doing the same activities day in and day out.
    One day when we were watching wrestling, during a comercial we started performing moves on eachother, repeating what we saw on tv. So after awhile, I had the idea of brushing my hand against his penis to see what his reaction would be.
    So a few minutes later, I got a little gutsy, I went in for the half-grab half-brush.
    That didnt go so well. Ha, I ended up grabing a nice handful, but forgot to brush my hand away to make it less noticable. This time I had gotten his attention and managed to put a smile on his face! But that wasnt the only thing getting excited, I noticed his pajama pants were rising. Watching his rise, did the same to me! I had caught his eyes looking down at my lap.
    I hesitantly asked him a question.
    "hey, lets try something new"
    He had that look on his face. The look that I knew him and I were on the same page.
    We didnt know how to start, so we wrestled around a little bit.
    His shirt had gotten pushed up, exposing his chest, so I went down and began kissing and licking my way to his wasteband. He began sliding his pants down as he slowly laid his back to the floor. My tongue started without hesitation, licking the base of his penis, up his shaft, and my lips around his head. I could tell he enjoyed it so much, my toes curled! He pushed me off and said, "your turn" and he laughed.
    Before I could even lay down, I felt a tugging at my sweatpants. He managed to get those off really quick! I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the ride. I felt his tongue licking everywhere! From the tip of my head, around the curves of my helmit, to the side of my sac, down and around my gooch area...let me say this, a couple more licks down there, I would have cummed in his hair!
    We stopped to take a breather, and I left the room to grab something out of my brothers room. I came back and he was on my bed. This sounds like it is out of the movies, but I slid on the bed head first, mouth open, right onto his pole.
    I felt the timing was right, so I pulled out the condoms and rolled one down his penis.
    I stood on the floor, and leaned against the bed. I arched my back, turned around and looked at him, awaiting him to bury his worm in my hole. After the first couple thrusts, I feel like im in heaven. The back and fourth, back and fourth sensation, his tip hitting my prostate, uhh soo great!
    This time I didnt let him waste his cum into a condom. I got off his pole, just in time to rip the condom off and suck every last drop out!