Husbands Dream part 2

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    We step into the room Amy shuts the door behind us. It only takes a few mins for our eyes to adjust. WE are standing on the left side of the bed and you guys are on the right side. I really had no clue what to do next. Amy grabbed my hands and put them on her hips and we began kissing. My bad was to the bed but I could hear that you guys were doing the same. I heard a sound when I turned around you were laying on the bed and james was kissing your neck down to your chest your eyes were closed and you were kinda bitting your lip. Amy pushed me down on to the bed, when I laid back my head was next to yours. James was kissing his way down your stomach and amy was pulling my boxers off. I looked over at you and saw that you were looking at me. James was taking your panties off and I knew by the look on your face that he was beginning to eat you. Your eyes kinds rolled back a little he must have been doing a good job. Amy was beginning to suck my hard cock taking it slowly licking it and suck it. It felt good and I made a sound. You opened your eyes to look at me. You stared into my eyes. It looked like you were getting close to coming your breath was getting shallow and fast you reached down with one hand and placed it on james head and pushed him in a little deeper with your other hand you were grabbing and pulling on your nipples. Amy was still working on her blow job. You arched your back and started to cum. Your face was that of pure pleasure. Amy had come up and was kissing me. I turned long ways on the bed, you were laying across still. Amy climbed ontop of me. And slow lowered her self on to me. I saw you looking as she lowered her self onto me. Your were focusing on watching her take every inch of me. She moaned as she took everything I had. You looked up at her face and kinda smiled. I saw james start to kiss your stomach your legs where hanging over the edge of the bed I watched james stand up and drop his pants he cock sprang out hard as a rock he lowered his hips so the tip was rubbing up and down you wet pussy. He slowly started to push into you. Your face was pleasurful. As amy was riding me I lowered one hand down to her hips and grabbed her ass. James was starting to speed up you were moaning as he slammed into you. With my other hand I reached down and put my hand on your head and moved the hair out of your face. I think I startled you. You looked over at me reached up and grabbed my hand and pulled my finger you your mouth and bit down on it. Every time james went deep into you you would bite a little harder. I looked up at james to see if he noticed what was going on. He was looking down at you it didn’t seem to bother him. I looked up at Amy and her eyes where closed. She was riding me harder and fast she was getting ready to cum and by the way you were biting me I assumed you were to. It seemed as though both of you came at the same time. It seemed as though you were going to bite my finger off. Amy collapsed down on my chest. You let go of my finger. I look over to see what was going on and james was moving you into doggy style position. He had your hips high and your chest was low but you were looking at me. I saw you face as he inserted himself into your pussy. I knew by the look on your face that this is how you liked to get fucked. Amy was starting to set up she was watching also as james was fucking you. He was grabbing your ass and pulling you into him, you were pushing back to match every stroke with him I was watching your titties swat back and fourth as he fucked you harder. Your mouth was open your eyes were half shut and you were making a constant moaning sound. Amy was looking at me and got up and turned around to ride me reverse cow girl. She lowered herself down on to me and laid back on my chest we were both watching you and james and I noticed that james was watching amy. James was picking up his pace and so was amy. You looked like you were getting ready to cum again but james pulled his cock out of you and came on your back. I was close myself a few more storkes and I pulled out she started stroking me till I came on her stomach. I looked over at you and you had a look of lust in your eyes. Like you were quite done. James walked off to get a towel to wipe you off. He was wiping you off as amy slid off me. She went to get a town and cleaned herself off. You propped yourself up on all fours with a arch in your back. I don’t know what possed me but I reached over and cradled your face. You leaned over and kissed me for just a second I guess you were in the moment but it only lasted for a second you looked back at james and he was just staring at you. Amy was just coming out of the bath room and the three of us were just staring at each other I guess she could feel the tension in the air. She said whats wrong. You looked back at her. And I told her I just kissed you she kinda didn’t say anything for a min. She got down on the bed and pressed her lips to yours and kissed you. You were taken back but you finally kissed her. After she backed out from the kiss she looked at me and said I don’t blame you Ive wanted to kiss her all night. She looked at you and ask you if you’d like to swap husbands for a little bit. You didn’t really know what to say, but james answered for you saying hell yeah. Amy walked over to james and started to kiss him. I looked at you and said we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You put your finger on my lips and scooted over and laid beside me and pressed your lips to mine. They were soft and warm my tongue slid into your mouth and felt the wetness of your tongue. I reached over and grabbed your hips and pulled you closer you threw you leg over mine my thigh was rubbing your wet pussy it was hot and wet. I put my hand on your ass and squeezed your ass was just as soft as I thought it would be when we were walking up the stairs. You reached up and put your hands on my face and kissed me more deeply. I reached around a little farther and let my finger slide up and down your juicy pussy. I pressed my finger into your pussy it was so soft and wet. You moaned a little our kiss intensified. There was so much passion in it. You started to slide your hand down my arm then in between us you grabbed my seimi hard cock and started to stroke it. You pushed my face to the side and started to kiss my neck sucking and biting it. Then down to my chest and stomach. I looked over and saw that James and Amy were making out on the couch in the room. You got down to my dick still stroking it you looked up at me you looked so fucking sexy. You lowered you head never leaving my eye contact and slowly started taking me into your mouth all the way to the balls. I could feel myself starting to get harder. You started bobing up and down still stroking me and sucking me and looking up at me. It was the hottest blowjob that I had ever had. I was fully hard I reached down and grabbed you boobs and started to play with them. I put my other hand on your head. Feeling your soft hair and the rythem that you were going. Your reached down and started to play with my balls. Then all of a sudden you stopped and climbed up and straddled me. You grabbed the head of my dick and rubbed it against your drippig wet pussy and with one drop of your hips I was balls deep. You made a loud moan and started to ride me I put my hands on your breast and started to massge them you put your hands ontop of mine and pressed them harder into your soft titts. You were biting your lips and riding up and down. My dick was harder than I had ever felt it before. Your juices were dripping down my balls. You feel down on to my chest your soft breast were pressed to my chest. I dropped my hands to your ass and squezzed you moaned. You were still moving your hips up and down. You started to kiss me I could feel the moisitness on your body as you were starting to sweat as you moved your hips faster and faster I felt you pussy squezzing in on me and I knew that you were getting close. Your body started to shake and quiver. You started to cum and it felt like your pussy was going to break my dick off. You finally stopped and just rested on my chest. I rolled you over and got on top of you. I slid my dick into your tight swollen pussy with little effort all the way to the balls. I started fucking you and you started massage your tits it was so hot. You said something and I couldn’t hear you so I ask what you say. You told me harder. SO I started fucking you harder. Once again you said harder. So I started going as fast and hard as I could. I reached down and and pulled your leg up and started pounding you as hard as I could I could feel myself getting closer and closer I got ready to pull out and you grabbed my hips and pulled me deeper in I began to cum and I could feel you pussy milking every last drop out of my throbbing cock. I was looking into your eyes and you were looking back it was hot. Until we realized that we weren’t the only ones in the room we noticed james and amy just stareing at us. We both started laughing.

    That’s kinda when I woke up. Like I said it was out there. Way out there but pretty hot. Let me know what you think.

    Missing you like crazy,