Husband and wife looking for another couple for online fun.

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    Jun 16, 2016
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    We've looking for another couple to chat to online. Share pictures, story's and ideas with. We are only online together so if you miss this post pleaee message us about arranging a date. We've never done video chat before so would prefer to chat first.
    We've had some lovely comments on pictures we've posted before but would love to spend a little time just swapping story's with another husband n wife. Or couple.
    We've been married 7 years and our sex life is happy. We would love to find out what other people's I's
    We wouldn't talk about it with our friends locally because I think my wife would feel dirty if our friends new she wanks me off with her feet or If I told my mates that I've come into a glass and she's drank it.