How pornography removes racism

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    Other parts of life could take a steer from interracial pornographic material.

    Just an opinion ... Plenty of evidence to conclude that interracial pornography is enjoyed.

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    I have to disagree with your idea that pornography removes racism. In fact, if anything I feel it does quite the opposite. Look at the titles of popular interracial films' titles - all of them make a point to include the race of the stars; and with a racially derogatory term on a surprisingly frequent basis. You see titles like (and these are ones I'm fabricating) : Big Black Cocks Fuck Little White Sluts #37, Sweet Indian Honeys #13, Russian Kink School #2, Gag On My Nigger Cock, Maximum Mexican Madness XXX ... ... ... I believe you get the point there.

    Also, the races other than White in pornography tend to be put into racial/ethnic stereotypes within the industry - Blacks are more primal/animalistic; non-Western Whites are more BDSM-type kinks/fetishists; Asians are more "weird" kinks/fetishists... ... ...

    There is also the seemingly strict segregation within titles. In most mainstream pornographic titles you are going to be hard pressed to find a (balanced) mixture of race in the cast. Most are going to be White, with perhaps some darker toned European or mixed-race individuals thrown in to the mix. Viewing a title that has not expressly told you it will have Black, Asian, Latin/Hispanic, European, &c cast members is very unlikely to have any.

    There are a few exceptions within the industry - but they are few and far between and usually in the form of a single scene in a mass compilation of scenes from a studio.
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