How can I not want sex all the time, because I'm unable to have normal interactions.

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    My problem is I want sex all the time, I've created websites about it, well about the good experiences I've had, in hopes of being real, and exploring the topics and learning about what is out there. It seems I've gotten to the point that I can finally acknowledge the fact that the only drive I have is to have sex, and since I think about it a lot, it just drives me crazy & when I'm with a woman I like, or someone I could probably succumb who's attractive enough, it's like my mind has a switch. On the one hand, the off part - I'm just a friendly, fun guy. But when I'm enjoying myself with a girl and I know she's starting to like me, it's like all I want to do is have sex, and I have to stop seeing her or talking to her, because it's the only impulse I have, and I feel I have to hide my true nature, my true impulses...

    Can you offer your wisdom please??!!
    Thanks in Advance