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    I am normally a very straight laced woman, but I have an odd fetish. What I have discovered is that I will do anything when properly aroused. I have never heard of someone else having such a fetish. I am extremely turned on by the thought of my husband procreating with another woman. I actually am not found of the idea that my husband could have sex with another woman, but if it is for the sole purpose of getting her pregnant and spreading his genes, then I get so turned on that I cannot control myself. With my help, my husband has been able to successfully impregnate 6 other women.

    A little background. Ron and I have been married for twenty-two years. We were high school sweethearts, and I know that it typically doesn't work out well, but in our case I think it really did. We have two children, but they are both grown and off at college. I have been a stay-at-home mom since they were born, but in the last few years I've been spending most of my time with my social network. We often have parties at our house with my girlfriends and their husbands or with Ron's business associates. Ron works for a good company and has been able to work his way up through middle management over the years. He makes great money, but he spends nearly all his time working.

    Of course, I have to start at the beginning. A couple of years ago, I was having lunch with my friend Jenny, and she told me that she had decided to have a child. Jenny is a petite brunette yoga instructor, so she is very skinny and muscular. Men find her very attractive, mostly because of how provocatively she dresses. That day she wore a tight summer dress that leaves little to the imagination. The problem is that Jenny is single. We spent about an hour discussing options on who the father would be. Whether she was willing to do in-vetro (expensive!), or just pick up some random guy at a bar and roll the dice, etc. At one point during the conversation, she sighed, looked me straight in the eye and said "I wish I had someone like Ron to help me out. He's so wonderful."

    Now, from just a genetic viewpoint, Ron is great. He never had braces, doesn't have glasses, no history of diabetes, heart disease, or cancer in the family. Really good breeding stock. As I thought more about Ron having sex with Jenny to get her pregnant, I found myself getting very wet. I felt that I needed to tread lightly here, Jenny was a close friend and I wouldn't do anything to risk our friendship.

    "Jenny, what if Ron were available to help you out?" I asked.

    "Mary, that would be great, but we already discussed how expensive in-vetro is. I can't afford it!" said Jenny.

    "But what if you were able to do it the old fashioned way? Would that work for you?" At this point I was staring into her eyes to gauge her response.

    I could see Jenny processing that as an option. "Mary, there is no way in the world that I would sleep with your husband. I have way too much respect for you."

    I was losing her. Time for a different approach. "You are a very attractive woman, Jenny. Imagine how beautiful a little baby would be if she shared Ron's DNA with you. Can you think of a better match?"

    "Well, I suppose Ron and I would make beautiful babies, but what if you got jealous or something?"

    "Jenny, we are way to close for that. I love you so much, I would be willing to share my perfect husband with you. At least long enough for you to get pregnant. Anything for you."

    Jenny was so overcome with emotion, that she practically jumped over the table to hug me. "I love you too, Mary. Let's do it."

    I laughed and hugged Jenny tight. "Now, how do I convince Ron?" I whispered.

    I spent most of the next day planning out our seduction of Ron. We were all available Friday night, so I told Ron we'd be having some people over for dinner and movies (we have a theatre room with a projector and recliners). As I continued to plan out the party, I kept thinking of Ron "knocking up" my fried Jenny. These thoughts made me so horny that I almost could not stand it. Every once in a while I had to stop planning and get myself off, so I could focus. It was a rough couple of days.

    Friday finally came around, and at about 6 pm, Ron came home from work. I told him that I was very upset because the two other couples I had invited over had cancelled (a lie), and it would just be us and Jenny. I was still working on making a huge dinner consisting of burritos, shredded beef tacos, enchiladas, etc.

    Dinner was ready at about 7 pm, and Jenny showed up right on time. I could tell that she was very nervous about this whole idea. I had a pitcher of margaritas ready for just such a circumstance. Within a few minutes, we sat down to dinner, and Ron began pouring on the charm that has made him so successful in his career. We were soon laughing and joking and having a great time.

    After dinner we moved to the theatre room, where I had two movies ready to go. The first was a romantic comedy with several sexual scenes that I was hoping would get Ron fired up. As we watched the movie and ate popcorn, I was continuously refilling margarita glasses. The second pitcher had quite a bit more tequila in it, at that point, no one would notice.

    The first movie completed and I put in the second. It was one of these NC-17 shows with simulated sex and a weak plot. As I sat next to Ron, I reached for his pants to feel his engorged member. The drinks and movies were working, I had him right where I wanted him. Ron pushed my hand away and gave me a playful peck on the cheek. "Not quite yet, Mary. After Jenny leaves, we'll have some fun." He whispered in my ear.

    Little did he know...

    After the second movie ended, I knew the mood was right. I suggested that we go back into the living room where yet another pitcher of margaritas was awaiting us. I sat next to Jenny on one couch while Ron sat on the other one.

    I winked at Jenny to indicate that it was time to execute our evil plan. At this point we were all very drunk. I began holding hands with Jenny and getting closer to her. The conversation died off as I began to lightly kiss her on the mouth. I felt her respond to me and we began to really start making out. I began to tease her out of her clothes, first her tight halter top came off, then her spandex shorts. There was no underwear.

    I moved down her body, sucking her nipples, kissing my way down to her golden gate. I wasn't sure if she had shaved clean for the occasion, or if she was always that way, but I kissed her all over her pubis. Jenny began moaning, really putting on a show for Ron. I spent time on either side of her opening until I could not delay and longer, and began really sucking on her clitoris. I felt Jenny buck and spasm with the feeling. I had never really done this before, but I have seen enough internet porn to have some idea.

    I felt like I was down there an eternity before Jenny gently pulled me up and removed my clothes. She pulled my loose dress up and over my head and off. Underneath, I had on a matching bra-panty set that was see-through. Ron's favorite, actually. Jenny practically ripped them off of me.

    I knew from Jenny's past that she had a couple girlfriends that she had been intimate with. As she began licking my pussy, it was very clear to me that she was the more experienced one. Despite having little to no attraction to other woman, she had me climaxing within 10 minutes. YIKES!

    At this point I looked over at Ron, and he had his pants around his ankles with his penis out, slowly stroking it up and down. After I recovered from my orgasm, I pulled Jenny around into a 69, and then motioned for Ron to come over. I was on my back with Jenny's pussy just a few inches from my mouth. Ron got onto the couch near my head (at this point he was naked), and presented his penis to my mouth. I sucked on it a little, to make sure it was hard and ready to impregnate Jenny. It was.

    I pulled Ron's penis out of my mouth, and saw him look down at me questioningly. I smiled and gave my head a slight shake. "No, not here." I slipped his head into Jenny's pussy. As Jenny felt Ron enter her, she began to work even harder on my clitoris, and had me moaning again. Soon we were all very into it, me licking Ron's balls as he plowed Jenny, she had two fingers inside me still using her tongue on my clit. I had another strong orgasm (I could get used to this!). As I came to, I felt Ron tense, and I began rubbing his balls lightly to heighten his orgasm as he shot into Jenny. I heard her gasp as he came.

    I was so horny that I could not control myself. As Ron softened in her, I slipped him out and cleaned him off with my tongue. Very lightly and gently.

    "Oh god, Mary, that was amazing." Ron still looked stunned. Like he thought it was all some wonderful dream. "Anything for you, dear. Should we adjourn to the bedroom?"
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    very nice.............far better than your politics, ma'm ;)