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    I'm new to the forum, I came really to ask one big question and perhaps get some advice. I've enjoyed lurking here for a few days...

    I'm 19 and for a few years I've REALLY wanted to buy a vibrator, but I'm seriously concerned about how I would get it into the house with a minimum of questions and how I could even use it without my parents knowing. Our house has thin walls - like no insulation between interior walls just studs and drywall and when I'm in my room I can hear my mom turn on the kitchen tap at the other end of the house.

    I don't have any brothers or sisters and my parents never come into my room because I've got small furry critters they don't care for, I don't drive by choice and I don't know anyone who I could comfortably ask to go get me a vibrator and bring it in secret or that I could send to their house... so short of just ordering one and hoping like heck that it comes on a day when my parents are distracted/at work and I'm awake I don't really see how this would work.

    Do/will post offices in the US hold packages so that when it came I could get a phone call and then go with someone to pick it up? I imagine I could easily make up a story but does anyone have expierence with something like that?

    It's not even that my parents would get really angry because I've found multiple porn videos, magazines, and toys of theirs hidden in the garage, tho my father might, it's just that having a vibrator is a part of my life my parents have no right or need to know about and they would react badly - if they ever got mad at me which happens sometimes I know my father would throw having something like that in my face in the most hurtful way he could and I don't want that to happen... perhaps you see my dilemma, thanks so much!:eek: