Happy Birthday

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    There I was, five-foot six-inches, brown hair, hazel eyes, in the parking lot of a small, twelve room motel. It was a warm night in the end of May, and we had a full house, all rooms rented to a group of painters for the local bridges. There was a woman there, with her friends, around the bonfire that all the guests and myself was at.

    I spent the entire night talking to this vision of a woman with striking blonde hair. She wasn't your usual idea of a super model, to be sure. Probably in the area of 250 or 300 pounds in all, seemed to be in her early thirties. Her brown eyes sucked me right in though.

    I'm not sure if it was the desperation talking, or the alcohol or pot both of us had consumed, but I had to have her. I spent the majority of the night trying to convince her that since it was her birthday, she should enjoy it as much as possible. Fuck the rules, fuck anyone calling her a slut, fuck it all.

    "Let's just make this night something to remember, and to smile to".

    The whole night, she seemed really shy about the matter of coitus. Shaking her head and acting like she didn't want to do anything like that. I thought for a few moments that it might be too soon, since I knew that her fiance had died a few months prior to this trip to the motel. At the time though, I couldn't care less. I wanted to please her and to have her.

    Of course, the booze made me have to retreat to the bathroom after trying to (poorly) seduce her into my bed, so I took a trip inside to take a leak. On the way back out to the bonfire, I passed between two parked painting trucks of our guests, and was met by a familiar face.

    Melissa, her name was, was suddenly on me like someone who'd been in a desert finding an oasis. To this day, I don't remember who made the first move between those trucks, but what I can remember is the feel of her silky tongue in my mouth, hungrily lapping at my tongue and going down my throat.

    Knowing I had gotten her, my hand slipped into the waistband of her jeans, and snuck its way down until I felt her slit, rubbing at her clit quickly, but gently. She moaned into my ear as I nibbled on her ear-lobe, her body crouching slightly at my touch. My other hand guided one of her hands to my bulge, leading her to caress my manhood. It took everything in me not to explode in my pants at her firm, wonderful hand feeling me through my shorts.

    I took to whispering in her ear, "Let's find somewhere...more private. I want you." She shook her head, wanting only to stay where we were, content to continue feeling each other and dancing with our tongues. At this point, my friend, who runs the motel, happened by. Melissa got nervous, and went back to sit by the fire with her friends. I followed.

    As she sat there in her chair, blushing madly (and very cute for it), I stood behind her, my hands running under her shirt and along her nipples. She still sat there, shy to go somewhere a bit more private, her friends urging her on to a good time. So, I took initiative, and asked my friend a question, "Hey, we got any rooms not rented?" He looks at me and knows exactly why I asked. "No we don't....Wait, there is room 2, I suppose."

    "Go get the key for me, please?" I tell him in an urgent tone, as if my life depended on it. He proceeds back to the office, and comes back holding the key to the room. When he hands it to me, I hold it up in the air in celebration, and ask Melissa, "I'll make your birthday something fantastic, if you'll allow me" with a smirk. She looks down again, still being shy, but her legs lifted her up out of her lawn chair, and her hand grabs mine.

    We get into the small room, with a queen-size bed that isn't yet made, locking the door behind me. She only has a few demands to be met, "Shut the blinds, turn on the tv, and turn off the lights." At this point, I'd already shucked off my pants and boxers in one-fell movement, realizing the blinds were still wide-open to the world. I shut the blinds, turn on the tv and mute it, and turn off the lights.

    I proceed to this lovely sight in front of me, my hands resting on her lovely hips, and continue to kiss her. My hands slip under her shirt, quickly lifting it over her head and tossing it aside, leaving her full breasts open to me. My mouth moves down to her somewhat large nipples, my hands move up to cup her breasts.

    At this, she moans and pulls my head into her breasts further, her hands pushing on the back of my head, urging me to continue. My tongue dances around her nipples, occasionally flitting over them, teasing her, making her want me more. My hands slip down to her jeans, and slowly pushes them down around her ankles, revealing the loveliest set of hips I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. Not a blemish or anything, just smooth, pale skin. My mouth finds it's way moving down between her breasts to her stomach, down a little lower, and finally down to her slit.

    I stop for a second, and guide her down to the bed, where I have her lie on her back, and she opens her legs for me, showing just what she wants. I move my face down between her thighs, and bring two fingers down to her pussy. I lick my fingers, and slowly push them inside her, my tongue moving across her lips, my lips sucking gently on her clit. She brings her thighs together hard, my head feeling like it would be squashed between. Still, I find myself tasting her sweet nectar (and she did taste fantastic), pumping my fingers in and out of her at a smooth, steady pace, hooking them into her and hitting that sweet spot.

    We went on like this for about half an hour, her gasping, barely able to speak, legs tight around my face. It's around this time I decide that I want her, but I want her to want me. So, I utter in a quiet, teasing tone of voice, "How bad you do you want me?"

    Breathless, trying to speak without stuttering from pure ecstasy, she sputters out, "Oh, I fucking want you. Get inside me NOW." I lift my face from her hips, and bring my throbbing member, all seven inches of it to her womanhood. I tease her lips with the head, slowing rubbing it up and down, occasionally rubbing against her clit. "Stop teeeeasing me~, you're so mean~" So I press myself against her, my face to hers as I'm kissing her again, and feel myself penetrate into her warm wetness. She gasps into my mouth, thrusting her hips against me in desire.

    I slowly pump myself into her, trying to match my rhythm to oppose her hips thrusting, trying to tease her and keep a slow pace. She whimpers at me, giving me this face that says she can't take it anymore. I grin at her, pleased at what I could make her feel, and started to match her quickened hip-rhythm. She kept moaning into my mouth, her hands scratching into my back with her hips pushing at me.

    She released the kiss for a moment. "Wait, one sec." She pulls away from me, my dick still rock hard and happy as a clam, and turns herself over, wiggling her ass at me. "Alright, back inside you!" I bring myself up to her, my hands slipping under her and cupping her breasts, pinching at her nipples, while I slip myself back into her.

    "Don't move at all." She says, as she rocks herself back and forth, Melissa bringing all the momentum to the sexual thrusting. Her ass clapped hard against my thighs and balls, faster and faster. I felt myself about to cum, and cum hard. My fingers tweaked her nipples even harder, and she moaned in appreciation and I felt myself unload a large load inside of her. She was very drunk in the moment, and didn't even realize I had cum. I started to get a little softer, but she kept fucking me regardless.

    After about fifteen minutes of this, she moans into the pillow at me, "Cum inside me. I wanna feel it!" I smirked at her. "I came about fifteen minutes ago!" I chuckled at her. She looked back at me surprised. "I didn't feel it? Really?" "Yup, but that ain't stopping me now, is it?" She dropped her head back into the pillow and continued to thrust herself against me.

    Then there's a knock on the door. "Room service. Heard you guys needed extra pillows?" She stops moving. The mood has been killed. I can tell from the vibe in the air, but still have to ask. "So, I suppose you're done, eh?" "Yeah, that's probably for the best. I need to be up early to pack and leave tomorrow." I give her a long, sensual french-kiss goodnight before answering the door and nearly decking my friend for interrupting such a great night.

    To this day, I'm still waiting for her to come back. She usually does a few times a year. (Yes, this is all a true story, btw)