Good Vibrations

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    I stopped at the adult book store before going to her house. I wanted to get her a surprise. I picked up a pick gel vibrator. I even stopped and got batteries. I unpacked it and put it in my cooler that I was taking with a few beers. I got to her house and we chatted for a while and drank a beer. I changed into a loose pair of gym shorts and a big tshirt. She just had on a long sleep shirt.
    We got up to leave the kitchen when I grabbed her and slid my hand up her shirt. She was startled at first. I said, I just wanted to see how excited you are to see me. I slid a finger deep inside her. She was already wet. She answered, I guess you know now. We both laughed. I keep fingering her as she told me to put more fingers in. She was reacting wildly. I got into so much that I lifted her off the floor. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of head.
    She grabbed my cock through my shorts and led me to the living room. We sat on the sofa and started fooling around. She took my shorts and shirt off as I slid her shirt off. She had a nice set of DD's. They were the biggest that I have had the pleasure to face up close and personal. They were full and firm. She said, Not bad for a 45 yo. Hell no. Perfect. I started to suck, pinch and nipple on them. She told me to do it harder. Of course I followed her directions. I kissed my way down to her clit. She spread her legs wide to allow me full access. Her juices smelled so sweet. I began licking her clit and fingering her pussy. She told me again to do it harder and more fingers. I was thrusting my fingers deeper than I have ever done with any woman. She was arching her back and screaming. I looking up to see her face and saw her sucking her nipple. All thing going on was driving me nuts. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. She just kept cumming and cumming. I tried to lick up every ounce of her nectar. My mouth was starting to get dry and my knees were hurting from kneeling on the floor. I said, I am sorry but I have get off my knees.
    I stood up and said I was getting a beer. She grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her. I one swift motion, I watched my cock disappear deep into her mouth. HOLY FUCK!!!! She just kept taking my cock in and out. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! As good as it felt, I had to stop her before I exploded. She gave a fake whimper and frown. I walked out to the kitchen, grabbed a beer and "Pinkie". I walked by into the room and sat on the sofa with her legs on my lap. She was just laying there smiling.
    I guess this is getting pretty long so maybe I better finish it later. LOL
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    Look forward to part 2