Giving and having pleasure - purpose of going on with sex partners

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    :dgrin:eek:utahere:Giving and having pleasure - purpose of going on with sex partners

    Tks for your fast answer and posting invitation Admin.
    Of course, I'm Good Old Crazy perv-artist of vices Daniel Lindt DL44
    Just discovered this 1 year ago. Good point, nice answers, useful’ details, large variety, you conquered my attention!

    I'm highly interested in all kind of sex toys, I always enjoy using it and I'm doing all the fun for 3 reasons:

    1.I'm a hedonist and a sybarite of kinky games with my GF.
    2.I'm curious as hell about everything and try to xperience myself.
    3.My GF is 20 years younger than me- she's 24 and a sensual/sexual xplosive vamp.
    I'd apreciate every possible ideea practice included about sex toys benefits in couples life. No Bolloks but I'm most of the time with a hard one and Marla even easier a wet moaning biatch. To give you an idea on what she's interested in (therefore what I'm int. due to my frenzy passion for her) let me just give you her own words flavor:

    I am so happy that Danny discovered your Forum! I love the great benefit of a well-used sex toy! I am MARLA, and 8 months before I find Danny, I was just went out from a bad relationship. At that ugly moment, my best friend told me that I must cheer up and use to the max my sexual Potential and strongly recommend me to try the glass dildos; she gave me some on line sex shop addresses. I ordered two glass dildos (not very expensive) from a site – a butt plug and one double head plus a good lube and there were just fabulous! I used them in every possible way (Really!) and they are magnificent as pleasure providers. Even now, I use them when we are both horny and kinky! So... I'm sure you understand me - I've heard that some girls even put these fascinating objects in refrigerators. Isn't that dangerous for the dildo? I mean for the glass stability as shape and size. Wonder how it feels inside if so cold? Brrruuwm! Must be something incredible! Frankly, although Danny is encouraging me I think I am not yet enough cheeky 'n 'bitchy to try that. All My Love for you All! DL44's Marla

    Might I add on my behalf that I really discover women's power of over whelming you without even being a nymphomaniac?!!!

    Thanks Admin!
    Danny - DL44
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