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    As me and my wife Misty, Moved up in the world. She was making good money as a RealEstate agent,During the time of those zero down morgages were being sold,When everyone could get a home, It did not matter if they could afford it or not.

    We were still young and just moved in to our first real home,In a middle class subdivision. As usual I was working nights,She was working days. That morning she looked good in her miniskrt,blouse and heels. We kissed and she drove away. I was just piddleing around out in the garage, When a car backfired and stalled in front of the house. I looked out, It was Cynthia, A divorced black girl that lived down the street.

    *Damn!...Ex husband!* She cussed, I walked out to see if I could help.

    *What happend Cyn?*

    *Mikey the piece of shit just quit!...Can I use your phone?*

    *Sure...Theres one in the garage.* She called her ex and chewed his ass out. I found myself checking her out, Not usually attracted to black girls,But she had qualities that I liked. Big DD breasts,Nice plump ass and good looking legs. She wore a lowcut black dress with black pumps, I asumed she was going to work. My dick got hard. She hung up the phone.

    *It's out of gas, The gauge don't work. Can you give me a ride to the station?*

    *I got some gas right here.* I picked up the 5 gallon gas can, I just got to fill up the lawn mower with. I put the gas in her tank, She then started the car. She turned it off.

    *Mikey I don't have any cash to pay you for the gas.*

    *Cyn...Don't worry about it. I know where you live.* Sitting in her car. She was looking right at my stiff cock bulgeing from my jogging shorts. She touches it with her finger and smiles.

    *I really want to pay you for it now.* I take her hand and we walk to the garage, She goes right to her knees and pulls my shorts down.

    *Damn Mikey!...You got a big one for a white boy!* She takes me in to her mouth,And starts to suck.

    *Ohhh! Cyn It was just a can of gas.* She looked up at me and smiled. She then took off her dress and bra. She held her big tits around my cock, I titty fucked her for a miniute.

    *I got to have you inside me.* I then bent her over the weight bench and pulled her panties down, I guided my cock in to her hot steamy pussy. Pounding away at her pussy,She soon lets out a moan and arches her back, I go balls deep in her and shoot my load. I look over to the open garage door, And there stands my wife with her hands on her hipps.

    *Oh baby!...This aint what it looks like!* She then comes and slaps me across the face.

    *You son of a bitch!*

    *But baby!...It just happend!*

    *I've shared you with my best friends, My sister, Even my own momma! Don't you think that I'm open minded enough, We could discuss this?...WTF!...A black girl?...I might have wanted to join in!*

    *Oh baby. We can do that!* She slaps me again and stomps off toward the back yard.

    *Mikey I think you in trouble!* We both watch as she brakes a switch from a Yellow Bell bush,She then rips the leaves off of it.

    *I better go!...Your bitch is psycho!* She reaches for her panties and bra.

    *Bitch you aint going anywhere!* She strikes Cynthia with the switch.

    *Drop your clothes!* She looks at me and strikes my ass.

    *Get in the God Damn House Now!* She yells, I take off running nakeid, With the neighbors looking on. She strikes Cynthia on the ass again.

    *You to!..In the house!* She runs right out of her high heels right behind me, And my wife behind her. In our bedroom.

    *Get up in the bed and spread those legs like a good little whore!* She then grabs me pulling me across her lap and whipps me like a child with the switch,It was worse than the whippings I got when I was a child. I cry and beg for her to stop,But in a rage she does not,Finally she lets me up.

    *Now eat her pussy!*

    *Ugh!...But she's a black girl!*

    *Boy!...If your gonna stick it your gonna lick it!* She pushes me on to the bed, I get right to work eating her out.

    *Just you wait till I tell your daddy you ben fuckin a black girl!*

    *You can't tell this!* She hits me again.

    *Shut up! I want to see her cum again! And clean her tank also!* I spread the cheeks of her ass and tomgue fuck her ass.

    *Oooooohhhhh! Misty all white girls get this done?* Misty smiles at her.

    *No a good man has to be trained, I ben training him since he was 16.*

    *This is good!* I go back to her pussy and suck her clit and finger her pussy and ass at the same time.

    *OOOH!...Ahhhhh!* She cums all over my face. I start to get up. Misty looks at me with a stern look.

    *Now I'm going to work! When I get home I want the dishes washed,The clothes washed and the bathrooms cleaned! Do you understand me?*

    *Yes ma'mm!*

    *And your also going to sleep in the cage tonight!* Her and Cynthia walk back to the garage.

    *Misty I wish I could find a man like that. A good man is hard to find.*

    *A good man has to be trained,When you find one bring him over,I show you how to brake his ass in right.* Cynthia finishes getting dressed and they leave for work.
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    Interesting story
    Could use some grammar and spelling correction
    Otherwise, good
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    Thanks Glad you liked it.