Funny(?) Transcript Of A Failed Sales Pitch

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    Sesame Street
    a sales pitch given to me lol, here was our exchange, i thought it was funny, but not sure if it is lol you be the judge. The name was redacted out of...respect that may be misplaced.

    [redacted]: hello
    spermit38: how are you doing today :)
    [redacted]: hmmm nothing
    [redacted: just get boring
    [redacted]: try to do something fun
    [redacted]: *hugs*
    [redacted]: :-*
    spermit38: what do you love in life
    [redacted]: hmmm actually im a nurse
    [redacted]: but i do cam modelling
    [redacted]: i live on my own
    [redacted]: my parents passed away when i was 12
    [redacted]: so i must live alone
    [redacted]: need extra money to take care of myself
    [redacted]: im half italian
    spermit38: *double hugs* i'm sorry :(
    [redacted]: i was give birth in milan italy
    spermit38: ah i see
    spermit38: i was born down near new orleans
    [redacted]: i do strip show on cam
    [redacted]: for money
    spermit38: do you enjoy it?
    [redacted]: yeah
    spermit38: that's good
    spermit38: some do it just for the money and hate it
    [redacted]: hmmmm but i do enjoy
    [redacted]: tell me did you try that before?
    spermit38: never paid for the services myself
    spermit38: i knew someone who was in teh industry though
    [redacted]: do you wanna try me then?
    [redacted]: lol
    [redacted]: you there?
    [redacted]: are you get turned off of what i say?
    spermit38: yes i'm here
    spermit38: sorry i was distracted for a moment
    [redacted]: by what?
    spermit38: not into the idea of cam services to be honest
    [redacted]: why dont you try me
    spermit38: just not into the idea of cam services, but you did a really good presentation :) you'll find someone for sure to pay for your services :)
    [redacted]: to be honest with you
    [redacted]: its only for 5 dollars to get membership on my site
    [redacted]: only that
    [redacted]: but dont worry im here for hook up
    [redacted]: or a date
    [redacted]: if you like
    spermit38: i know it's a very good deal just not my thing :)
    [redacted] ok fine
    [redacted]: thanks
    spermit38: good luck :)
    [redacted]: dont worry ill not gonna forces you
    spermit38: i don't think you could but as i said you did a really good presentation :)
    [redacted]: enough
    [redacted]: you know
    spermit38: yes?
    [redacted]: i know your the one who report me
    spermit38: how do you know that ;)
    [redacted]: how dare you
    spermit38: how dare I? i haven't done anything except decline your generous and well excecuted presentation
    [redacted]: but why you need to do that?
    spermit38: cause it's my right to decline yoru offer and i haven't reported you
    [redacted]: i know you report me in [redacted]
    spermit38: i don't know how to honestly i'm still new
    spermit38: and i do not know the regulations to know if it is even something to report you over, they may allow it for all i know
    spermit38: i'll tell you what, i'm in a really good mood and promise not to report you
    [redacted]: :(
    spermit38: why a sad face?
    [redacted]: i hate you
    spermit38: cause i won't pay for your service?
    [redacted]: you reject me
    spermit38: nothing personal of course, you're a very attractive woman :) i'm sorry if i need to pay you for you to not hate me, but if that's the case so be it
    spermit38: i do not like paying a woman for her company is all, it's just debases her in my opinion
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    sweet home...
    $5 for membership? damn girl, you dont love yourself.

    i love that shes a nurse though :D