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    One day our hot little renter calls up and says that she has a lot of old clothes she needs to get rid of and that some of them might fit my wife. She suggests that I bring her by the house so she can see if she wants any. Later that evening we arrive at Kelly’s house. She lets us in and leads us to her bed room. She goes into her closet and starts pulling out clothes that she thinks will fit my wife. Jeans, skirts, shirts, all kinds of stuff, my wife starts trying things on. Of course all of Kelly’s clothes are a little tight on my wife. Low cut jeans, half- shirts, and mini skirts. After a few moments I realize how sexy this is. Kelly is openly bi-sexual and has expressed interest in my wife. I notice that she is enjoying watching my hot wife wiggle in and out of the clothes.
    She looked at me and I suggested that she should help my wife. Kelly quickly moves by her side and starts handing clothes to my wife, this quickly turns to helping her put things on and pulling things off. Kelly help her put on one extremely sexy little dress and suggests that they look at it in her full length mirror. My wife stands there admiring the look with Kelly right behind her. Kelly places her hands on my wife’s hips and leans toward her ear and tells her how sexy she looks in the dress. My wife turns a little red as Kelly’s hand move around her waist toward her navel. Kelly leans closer and takes my wife’s earlobe into her mouth. I could tell that my wife didn’t know what to do. She just stood there as Kelly moved to her neck and started to suck as her hands wondered around my wife’s body. After a few moments they both came back toward the bed. Kelly eagerly helped my wife get out of the dress. Next she grabbed a sexy see through night gown for my wife to try on. My wife put it on over her bra and panties. Kelly suggested that she should take off her bra and panties to get the full effect. My wife complied. There she stood wearing a sexy little gown with her shaved pussy and erect nipples exposed. She was a little shy but Kelly told her how good she looked and moved her hands toward her. Kelly told her how sexy her tits were as she caressed them with her hands. Kelly moved in again and kissed her on the mouth. At first my wife hesitated but then she kissed back. They each wrapped their arms around each other. I just sat and watched as these two got into each other. My wife loosened up as Kelly took the lead. She turned my wife around and started to kiss the back of her neck. Kelly’s hand moved down and grabbed my wife’s ass. She pulled the dress up and pushed my wife down on the bed. Kelly dropped to her knees and spread my wife’s cheeks with her hands and buried her tongue into my wife’s pussy. When she came up I could see the wetness all around Kelly’s mouth and she told me how wet my wife was. Kelly went back to work licking my wife as I moved and stood by Kelly. I pulled my cock out and grabbed Kelly by the hair and shoved my hard dick into her mouth. She eagerly sucked and then guided me into my wife. As usual my wife’s pussy was hot, wet, and tight. I slowly pumped in and out as Kelly watched from only a few inches away. She was like a child waiting for a piece of candy. I pulled my wet cock out and Kelly licked, and sucked me clean.
    Kelly then asked me if my wife ate pussy. I said I didn’t know and Kelly stood and dropped her clothes. She crawled up onto the bed and positioned her self in front of my wife. She didn’t give my wife much choice. She grabbed her by her hair and pulled her mouth into her waiting pussy. She moved her hips up and down grinding her pussy into my wife inexperienced mouth. After a few moments Kelly let go and laid back as my wife worked her tongue up and down. I pulled out of my wife and moved off to the side to watch. There is something incredibly sexy about two women pleasing each other. They are incredibly graceful. It is almost natural too them. They know exactly what to do to please one another. Kelly rolled my wife onto her back and moved between her legs. She eagerly licked and sucked all over and around my wife’s pussy. My wife responded by closing her eyes and arching her back. Kelly slid her finger into my wife’s pussy. Pumping her arm back and forth finger fucking my wife. Soon she slid another finger and another into my wife’s wet and swollen pussy. After four fingers Kelly’s hand minus her thumb was inside my wife. Next Kelly rolled her hand and aligned her thumb with the rest of her fingers. Slowly pushing and twisting her hand fell deeper inside of my wife. Kelly’s hand wasn’t very big anyway and soon she was up to her wrist inside of my wife. Mt wife started to moan like she does when she fucks a large cock. Kind of a deep, animalistic sound, a mix of pleasure and pain. Kelly picked up momentum and pushed deeper into her, fisting her with one hand and flicking her clit with the other. By my wife’s movements I could tell she was enjoying this. She was sweating and her body was tense. I could tell she was nearing orgasm. Kelly pulled her hand out and that launched my wife into orgasm.
    She bucked her hips as she squirted all over Kelly. Kelly had never experienced a squirter. My wife shot several times all over Kelly’s beautiful face. I told Kelly to flick her clit and she will do it again. Kelly followed my orders and my wife squirted again. Kelly licked it and rubbed my wife’s juice all over her titties. Kelly started to go on about how she had never had a squirter and how cool she thought it was. We all laid in the bed for a few moments. It was getting late and it was a school night. So we said our goodbyes and expected to do it again sometime.