Forbidden, forever silent

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    For years i had heard of the local bikers parties. huge bon fires with wild bands, kegs of beers and strippers that would make the best man blush. Tho i rode a bike i had no need to join the club, however i had a few m8s that had.

    Drinking at the local watering hole i could hear the thunder of bikes ride down the mountain to the pub. People had started to move away from the windows as the bikers came in. The roar of the motors vibrated my beer, i picked it up and turned away. Damn this was gunna be embaressing, i could feel the vibrations in my nuts.

    Thats when i noticed her eyes, she was looking straight at me. I hadn't noticed her b4, she hadn't retreated with the other tourist. She had a slight smile on her face, had she noticed my disposition?
    A drop of a helmet on the concrete behind me followed by a slap on the back soon brought me back to earth. "Hey C, you com'n tonight"? when i turned back she was gone. i replied 'why whats happening"? it was a old m8 of mine that was still only a nom, in the club. "We Hav'n our chrissy party up the damn tonight just grabing a few chic's then we off" looking over his shoulder i could see the president of the club starting his bike and to my surprise the eyes was getting on the back. "m8 i'm on my Duc, i'll come but touch my bike and i'll be pissed off"! They all rode Harley's and i had heard stories how they once tossed a Trumpie onto the bon fire. "Na, your kwel you'll be fine' I told him see what happens, eyes had gone, so i had a few more ales and went home.
    The sun had started to fall and still i couldn't get her outa my head so i decided to
    rock up. As i rode up the noise of my bike turned heads, they knew the sound of a ducati. Keeping the straps on my helmet wraped around my fist a fronted up to the best party ever.
    The strippers had got the other girls going, the bon fire was reflecting onto the damn showing nieked girls swiming, any girl that got up on the stage with the band had thier tops drenched. one girl kissed another and then another was humping her friends leg.
    then suddenly a explosion from the fire made me eat dirt. some idiot had thrown a postie bike on the bon fire.
    As the flames lowered i noticed her, she stood on the other side of the fire. just in the shadows, smiling at me i could see her eyes dance with excitment. she tugged her head towards the bushes behind her then retreated.
    i found her only ten feet into the woods. she had her finger to lips, i knew what she meant "don't make a sound" hell i knew whos bike she had been on the back off.
    I led the way deeper into the scrub, her hands reached out from behind me and reach for me. She felt for my nuts encupping them thru my jeans all the time pressing her now erect chest into my back. i started to open my mouth to say something only to find her twist me around with her fingers at my lips. Now i could hold her i wrapped my hands around her butt and pulled her closer, as i did she turned to face away. i lowered my hands so i could run each up her inner thighs. her legs didn't resist so i placed one hand on her belly as she arched back into me, my hard was now so gunna burst outa it skin it hurt. slowly she bent forward grabbing a sappling. as she did i could feel myself slide slowly down between her cheeks. her now bare back shone from the bonfire. i could see ppl dancing around the bon fire but they couldn't see us. as i slowly drove my hands over the small of her back she pushed back. as she did her skirt exposed her upper thighs and bum. No longer could i hold back with one click of my fingers the button on my jeans popped a my zipper burst open. one gently slide my hand up to her shoulder the other to her hip. there was no need for directions my hard found her wet spot with ease but i did not enter. at first i rubbed pass her wet spot to tease. dipping and standing made contact to all the right spots. finally she reached behind me and grabed my arse, i knew it was time. i slowly started to enter only partly at first, nearly in, I would retreat. when she began to push harder back and grab my arse tighter i knew i couldn't hold back anymore. her juices now felt wet on my tight nuts. so i drove in deep, as i did she arched. each time she arched gave me more direction so i started on her g spot, every now and again i would dive deeper while pressing my hand against her belly. omg i could feel myself pressing against my own hand. not a moan not a whisper, she shook. Her knees quivered as i lost control and filled her. only our heavy breathing broke the silence as we waited, not wanting to remove my hard from heaven until she was done i stood on my tippy toes. She then slipped away turned and pushed me away. confused i saw her finger pushed against her lips again. i knew it was over. i walked ahead leading the way, as i reach the full light of the fire she had disappeared. i never saw her again, never knew her name, i never went to another bikers party again. Forever Silent

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