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    Strawberry Fields
    He was sitting beneath the apple tree. This place was paradise, the leaves were bright green, the water sparkled, the animals were friendly, but Adam was lonely. There were no other people around so he prayed for others. The next morning he woke up, naked as always, there was no shame here, there were no other people around to see him. His side hurt and he rubbed it. Something was strange, but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

    He looked up at the bright sun and walked to the pool of water to get a drink out of the pure water that flowed there. He stood up in shock when he heard behind him “Hi.” He turned around and before him was a beautiful naked woman.

    She had tanned skin and dark brown eyes that complimented her light brown hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. He breasts were perky as if they had never felt gravity and her tone stomach gave a slight hint of each ab. Her pubic region was bare, as were her long legs.

    He stood up and she lusted over his bronzed, broad shoulders and rippling abs. He had spent his life working for his life: climbing trees to gather fruit, swimming in the water to catch fish, wrestling bears and killing them with his bare hands to survive. His muscles showed it. His penis was large, but not to big, and his legs continued his rippling muscles.

    Neither of them hid their bodies and they just looked at each other, as if they had never seen the opposite sex before. “I’m Adam,” he told her, approaching her, letting his animal instinct take over.

    “Eve,” she replied and gasped as he lifted her in the air. She wrapped her legs around his waist and they locked lips, gently at first, then getting into it. He kneeled down and set her one her back as he kneeled and looked at her, her legs rubbing up and down his back and up to his fact, her toes tickling him.

    He bent down and put his mouth on her exposed clitoris and she gasped loudly, as she had never felt it before. His tongue moved around it quickly, but not roughly. She squirmed with delight as each bump on his tongue ran ecstasy through her body. As his finger found it’s way inside her vaginal walls she arched her back, putting the tip of his finger on her g-spot.

    She moaned as he massaged it, his tongue still working on her button. Then his mouth started to move north. It slide across her naval and she trembled as he teased her, a finger still inside her.

    He landed on her breasts and took his finger out and placed his hands on them, rubbing them gently as he closed her eyes and put her hands on the back of his head, holding him pinned against her bosom.

    He moved his lips to her neck and she giggled with please as he tickled her in the best way possible. Then their lips met again. Both sets of lips were soft and they bended together, creating a wet portal for their tongues to meet in the middle.

    She reached down between her legs as he kissed her and found his rock hard member. She felt how big it was and rubbed it with her hands, stopping at the head and rubbing it before going back to the shaft and stroking it.

    She guided it to her drooling vagina and archer her back as he slid it inside of her. She was a virgin, and he was big, but there was no pain in the garden, only pleasure and it was the most intense she had ever felt, either of them had ever felt.

    He slowly pushed it all the way in and then pulled it almost all the way out, so that only the head was still inside her. Then repeated, each thrust felt better than the last and Eve could feel a tightness growing inside of her. She didn’t know what it was, but knew that it had to release soon.

    She reached around his body and put her hands on his sculpted buttocks and sped him up by pulling and pushing on him. Her legs intermingled with his behind them and she could feel that unfamiliar feeling growing. Then it let go. She yelled out with pleasure as the first orgasm ever rushed over her.

    Seeing her pleasure was too much for him and he filled her with his seed. Neither of them had felt anything like that before. They had both had the first of many human orgasms.

    Hope you enjoyed!
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    What an interesting concept for a story. Cool, man! :cool