Encouraging Wife to Vent, Listening skills

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    Women sometimes need to vent, up to 15 Minutes per day; Usually not more than that.

    One of the problems is that I, as a man, have an orietation of thinking as a problem solver. Therefore, as my wife describes a situation, for which a solution comes to mind, I mention the solution. Seems like logic to me.

    Actually, my presenting ideas for solutions, are actually usaully interruptions of her need for venting. Wives are often not looking for soutions, they are just discussing ideas for the purpose of putting the ideas into perspective, by discussing the ideas, with her husband.

    The Love Diet book suggests that a man should contact his woman three or four times a day. I try to contact my wife, when I have 15 minutes to listen, unconditionally. I leave to work 30 Min early, so I have 15 Min, to listen to my wife who sometimes wants to vent, as I am going out the door. In the past, I created ill feelings, by leaving at the last minute, and not having time for her last minute venting.

    My wife often refuses my offer to let her talk. But it is the OFFER that is important to building Love.

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