Dry sex and pregnancy

Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by mrfirsttime, May 3, 2005.

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  1. mrfirsttime

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    May 3, 2005
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    Me and my girlfriend had dry sex a couple of days after her period was over. I had no underwear on but she had a pair of knickers on, but they had small holes in, like mesh material. I did not ejaculate while doing this, but I think i was in the pre-cum stage while it was happening, so it would have gone onto her underwear right? She had her pants on the whole time we were doing this, so i did not penetrate her. I am really worried that she could get pregnant so I wanted to know how likely it is that this will happen: Highly Likely, Likely, 50/50, Not Likely, Highly Unlikely, Almost impossible or 100% impossible. Thanks.
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    Mar 6, 2003
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    Dec 6, 2003
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    Dear Mr. First Time,

    Welcome to Sexual Forums.

    I would say your chances are highly unlikely. But not impossible.

    If she is pregnant, it will probaby be a girl. Sperm for girl babies can swim a longer distance than sperm for boys.

    What preparations can you take for next time?

    What are your options now? Can you get a morning after pill? Did she deushe? What contraceptive deushes are there? Did you insert some nonoxyl 9 jelly? Do you have pregnancy tests? Have you shoped for the pregnancy test with the earliest indication of pregnancy? Does she have a doctor? What free clinics are abailable to you? How much money do you have to spend? What Gynocologists doctors do you have a raport with? Nurses?

    What are you going to have on hand for future fears?

    I was with a woman once who put on condom on my dick to give me a blow job.

    What are your plans for squirting next time?

    What about STD's. You could still pick up herpes with a bare dick in her groin. Do you trust her?

    I heard on the radio that preaching Abstainance was having a better effect for reducing Aids transmission in some African nations, than handing out condoms. Therefore, I will mention the concept of no sexual contact until you are ready to have a child, maybe even twins. I have unintentionally gotten a couple girls pregnant with the coitus interruptus, thinking I could pull out before I climaxed. I was not familiar with the concept of pre-cum at the time. You are better educated that I was at your age.

    What about phone sex? What about mutual masturbation?

    Plan Ahead. Be preapred.

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