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    A question for those that have used dating sites like eHarmony and not the sexual dating sites. I hear the commercials how they match you up with all these compatibility questions. Do any of the questions deal with sex? The reason I ask is because you see a lot of problems on here that are created by one person wanting sex more than the other or one person not wanting sex at all. This can become a very big issue down the line. It would be nice to know what the other persons sexual attitudes are from the get go. I know that for me if I was on the dating scene again at my age (52) and being married for 18 years sex has become so much a part of the relationship and of my mindset that I am not sure how I would react to going through the whole dating ritual again trying to figure out if the timing was right and all that crap.

    I'd be interested to hear from those that have used such sites and even those that haven't but have entered the dating scene later in life and after a long relationship.