Change of seasons part 2

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    It had been a tough month of projects and deadlines. Many a day would go on for for 14hrs with little time to sleep or eat. If it weren't for the folks I work with it most likely be unbearable. Tense and heated discussions one minute, then an ice cube down the back of a shirt just to "cool things off". In other words, we know how to take the I climbed into my pickup and headed for the house.

    It was a long red dirt road which approached the house from the backside and curled around front. I notice the glow of what appeared to be a computer monitor in her bedroom.

    I parked the pick up in the garage and entered the house through the mud room. I reach into the frig for a beer and uncapped it as I walked back to the bedroom to let her, Jackie, know I was in. When I got to her room I peeked in to find her fast asleep and the computer powered off.

    Hmmm, I thought. She must really want to avoid me.

    I walked back out and headed for a much needed shower.

    After the shower I wrapped the bath towel around my waist and headed to the kitchen for a sand which and another beer. I neatly piled the bread meats and cheeses all together and headed for the big easy chair in the front room.

    I looked through the library of DVDs. Buried in the back was my stash o porn.

    I started the movie and began munching down my sandwich. It was plain and Filling, just enough to satisfy my hunger while the beer unwound me. I assumed the horizontal position and focused in the movie. As I watched I pulled back the towel and started to slowly stroke my growing manhood while watching "The Mother" on top of her young stallion riding cowgirl style. All that was missing was a hat and a loud "Yee-Hah".

    My cock was rigid and pulsing in the grip of my hand, a pearl of precum seeping out of the head. About that moment I noticed movement in the reflection on the screen. It was coming from the hall just behind me. It was Jackie standing there in the shadows. She was watching... Watching me stroking my cock.

    I acted as if I did not notice her and continued the show for her. The thought of her watching me like pepping tom excited me. I was staring at the screen, not watching the movie, but watching her. I saw the glimpse of her hand between her legs, apparently needing release herself.

    My hips started arching upward.

    Each downward stroke of my hand was met with a thrust upward over and over again. My loins began to tense. My breathing slowed to nothing. With a sudden spasm my seed shot up into the air and onto my chest, once...twice...and yet again for a third time. Each time a loud groan escaped from my mouth.

    I sat there a moment then gathered myself. I looked and she was in the reflection. I peered back around and saw no one.

    Guess the show was over for her. Wonder if she saw the climax?

    I used the towel to wipe off the spunk from my chest then got up and turned off the TV and lights.

    As I turned to return to my room I again saw a glow coming from her room. I quietly walked up to the door and peeked in.

    Jackie was sitting at her terminal, her robe open exposing herself. She'd sit and type a quick sentence then take one hand and massage a breast with the other rubbing what I'm sure was a wet pussy. I saw her cyber sexing. I had never imagined her doing such a thing. It seemed out of character for her. This woman who seemed to be so shy all her life was turning into a regular little whore.

    I stepped away from the door and went straight to my room. So odd. Watching me jerk off then having cyber sex with strangers. Where did this come from, I wondered?

    I awoke the next morning and was greeted with a note on the breakfast counter. It read "going to be home late, don't wait up for me".

    After what I saw last night I really didn't know what to make of this. I shrugged my shoulders and readied myself for work.

    About mid day she called the office.

    "Did you get my message?"

    "Yes" I replied. "What's up".

    "I'm just going out. "

    "With who?"

    "Does it really matter to you?"

    She was right. It didn't matter really. It hadn't mattered in some time. "No. You're right. Just be safe. "

    And that was the gist of our talk. Short and sweet. Like every other conversation we had over the last few years.

    I got home late that night. Weary from work I showered and crawled into bed. She hadn't made it home yet. But I wasn't her momma. I reached for my book and with the nightlight on I read through a chapter and a half when I heard the front door open.

    I continued to read.

    A few moments went by when I heard a soft wrap at my bedroom door.

    "Excuse me" she said in her library voice. "May I come in for a moment."

    We hadn't been in the same bedroom for months. I was a bit surprised but I said sure and she entered. Her hair was a bit messy and her blouse wrinkled. One thing though that really stood out was the red lipstick.

    She rarely wore lipstick. So when she did, you noticed.

    My loins twitched at the sight of her.

    She stepped in and stood next to my bed. She hesitated a bit and then sat next to me.

    It was the closest she had ever been to me in I don't know how long. It felt like high school first date close. That time when you get a hard on just from a light breeze in the room.

    She stared down at her lap, unsure if she should say what was on her mind. She wet her lips with her tongue, looked up at me and said. "I need to cum. I need to cum real bad."

    "What's that?"

    "I need to cum." She looked back down and paused for an uncomfortable minute. "Let me explain. "

    She started by saying "I met this guy tonight... At his hotel... He came to town today and we met for drinks at the lounge "

    " where do you know this guy from?" I inquired.

    "On the internet.... In a chat room... We've chatted online for the last few months. He came to town on business and like I said we met for drinks... One thing led to another... And... And..."

    "He Fucked You!"

    "Yes... He did... But I couldn't cum. And I need to cum " she said as her eyes watered. I wasn't sure if those were tears of shame or tears of unquenched desire.

    I wasn't surprised. Orgasms never came easy for her. It stemmed from a childhood incident that still haunts her to this day. She'd never had a vaginal orgasm. Oral stimulation had been the best bet. She made my tongue work hard to bring on her pussy cum.

    She reached over to my cock and squeezed it. It went to full attention immediately.

    "I'll make it worth your while. "

    My erection had already betrayed my intent. Yes. I'd make her cum.

    She stood up, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground.

    "Where are your panties?" Her ass was bare naked.

    "I think he kept them."

    The bastard probably wanted it for his trophy case.

    I motioned her over. She new what to do. She stepped over me and straddled my face while her face met my hard cock. I started to lick her inner. It had the distinct taste of sex. My hands roamed her ass cheeks as I licked the crevices of her crotch. I wasn't going to be in any hurry. I was going to enjoy her, make her earn her orgasm.

    "So tell me what happened?"

    "You really want to know?" Her tongue traced the length of the underside of my cock. "You won't get mad?"

    She opened her lips swallowing my cock and burying her nose in my nut sack. I groaned! "No... I won't get mad. Tell me about it... I want to know".

    Before she could respond I pulled her pussy onto my face and licked a thick tongue from the top of her clit, between her lips and finishing with a swipe of her asshole.

    She gasped then began to shiver as I drug my nails across her ass cheeks.

    I pulled my face away. " if you wanna cum, tell me".

    She complied.

    "All the way up to his room he couldn't keep his hands. He kept groping at my ass, pinching at nipples and rubbing his crotch against my ass. I wasn't shy either. I'd grind myself into him making him groan. In the elevator I unzipped his pants and fell to my knees. He was hard. I swallowed as much as I could over and over again. When the elevator doors opened I stood up, peeked down the hall then pulled him out of the elevator by his cock. He pushed me face first into the wall and tried to force his cock into me thorough my skirt. I had to push him off me. He pulled me down the hall way to his room. As soon as we got through the door he lifted my skirt and... Oh... That's what happened to them. "

    "Happened to what?" I asked.

    "My panties. You wanted to know what happened to them. He literally tore them off me. Duh. "

    My own cock was aching from its stiffness as she slowly stroked my cock while telling her story. Her grip was very firm. I wasn't sure how much more of her story I'd be able to listen to without cummimg.

    "He lifted me up off my feet and presses my back against the wall. I raises my legs up as high as I could as the head of his cock found my hole. I slid onto it so easily I was so wet. He started pounding my pussy with his hard on over and over again. I took his full length every time. I had no choice but to take it all. My feet couldn't touch the floor. I felt like his fuck toy.... I loved it... I was on the edge of my orgasm oh so many times. When he came, he came hard... Really loud and really hard. His cum, or was it our cum, dribbles out of me. He nearly dropped me on the floor when he fell back and collapsed onto the floor exhausted. Ya know what he did next?"

    "What babe?"

    "He says thanks sweetheart. Lifts me up, gives me a quick kiss then tells me I need to go cause he has to get up early. That's it! Over. He fucks me, I almost have my first pussy orgasm and he's done. Men are such bastards. "

    Ya we sure are.

    To be continued
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