Bikini's, Poles & Cuffs

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    Late one night after picking my wife up from work, see she was one of those bikini waitresses, the ones that for a little money would go to the VIP area and give a little titty action, sometimes more...

    Anyway, she and I had trust, I liked the money she brought home, I also strangely like bringing home a hot dancer, smelling like a bar (alcohol, smoke), the scent was a total turn on, it was like bringing home a girl from the bar every night that you actually loved to fuck!

    Part 1:

    One night I pick her up, I was so horny that night, I watched some porn, made some music and couldn't wait for her call.

    Phone finally rang, it's time...

    Drove like a guy who knew it was time for pussy ;)

    I arrive, wait for something like 20 mins, thinking... is this the night that she meets a hot rich guy that's throwing money at her that not even she can handle?

    I see her, hair flowing like a tiger, tigress, cat eyes ( you know the type where you just have to keep looking because her eyes are so seductive?)

    "Gets in and kisses me, "Hi Baby, so glad you are here, I have really missed you tonight, it's time to show you my private show that no one has ever seen and guess what? It's free Baby!", she said.

    Long drive, we get home.

    She starts kissing me as I park the car in garage. I could feel aggression, like a man that hasn't fucked in months, shit...., days.

    She was kissing, tonguing, biting, I pushed her away so I could get out of the car, I open her door and lifted her on to me, my dick was bulging so she could feel it, I grinded her pussy on my bulging cock until I got inside the house.

    Once in, she dragged me by the collar over to area near the Tv, just happens to be one of those basement poles in houses and starts dancing erotic for me. Bending over and sliiiding her pussy up and down the pole. (don't you love how the lips seem to start swallowing the pole?)

    After some cock juicing action, she come closer to me and started lap dancing, I started ripping her shirt off as she grinded my leg (I left the bra on for later, nothing better than ripping a girls bra off as you pound her from behind!

    I told her to turn around so I could see her ass! She did and I almost blew my load!, Just want I wanted, round, juicy, plump...

    I started biting her ass then quickly undid her buttons and pulled on her pants, wow what a heavenly site, sparkly frilly thong, (I think I am in heaven how)

    My bulging dick must have caught her eye as she grabbed it and started stroking it, pulled down my pants and pulled my cock out of my boxers and kisses my throbbing head.

    Then she jumped up and went to the pole (ah man.... Don't you love it when they tease you with the pussy and you know you are actually going to hit it!)

    To Be Continued...

    (Sorry I have kids that don't sleep, hopefully some gets a little frisky from this
    so far!)
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    Good start dude
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    I friggin' love it so far! Dude, don't keep us' over here! ;)