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    Jul 3, 2004
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    hey everyone

    how's it going?

    i happen to be of East Indian descent, living on a Caribbean island.
    male, age 26.

    i have a preference for beautiful, white females (wf) but of course there is somewhat of a lack of them here and well most of those who are living here are already involved.

    i had a longdistance internet romantic relationship with one beautiful Dutch-girl who visited me a couple years back but of course just 'visit'..

    and well a few weeks ago one beautiful wf friend of some other indiangirl friends of mine began contacting me and fell in love with me.
    (i'm a musician so she heard of my music thru her friends and well she's vegetarian and i'm vegan so that's also a factor for me)

    thing is we met up, it went perfect, she was afraid i'd not also feel the same about her, but i took away her fears and told her how i felt.

    sad thing is it didn't last more than a week because she has some issues she said and her feelings changed

    really broken about that since..
    but that's another story. i don't mean to clutter here up..

    question - are there any wf's on here who would go for an Indian guy who is interested in wf's?

    one of my dreams is to be involved in a real loving relationship with a beautiful white vegan/vegetarian girlfriend who i'd marry one day eventually as well

    hard to find though..

    apart from the search for veg*ns, as expressed above, i prefer beautiful white women on the whole, but you get where i'm coming from regarding relationship criteria vs. physical desire

    but of course a non-veg*n wf can eventually become veg*n due to the knowledge she would be exposed to about such if she were to become interested in me

    and well this being i won't lie to say that i would not turn down beautiful wf's who would just want to let each other have pure fun ;)

    which, who knows could lead to more :)

    anyway, to re-iterate, are there any wf's on here who would go for (sexually, since this is :lol or more) an Indian guy who is interested in wf's?

    thanx for your time

    Peace and Love