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    ...valentine? Psh.

    I have an idea for a fun game to go along with the festivities of February:

    Be My Pornstar!

    In this game you can make a request for a pic or video; or if you read a request that sounds like something you would enjoy fulfilling, do it and post it as a reply! :)

    To make a request:
    Just think of something you'd really like to see - maybe you have a very specific fetish that isn't well captured by the porn industry? Be as specific as possible; something like "tits" with no other parameters is kind of a boring request - be creative!

    To fulfill a request:
    Grab your cam and do your best to meet the specifications. :) Alternatively (since I'm guessing there will be a lot more posters making requests than recording videos to fulfill them) if you know of an existing video that fits the bill, feel free to post that as well: but the real stars here are the posters who actually make it from scratch!

    I'll start with my own request:
    What I'd like to see more than anything else is a video of a women rubbing her pussy on a glass table, or something similar; seeing it from the other side of a flat transparent surface like that really highlights the suppleness of it, which I personally find incredibly arousing. Spread those 'wings' out give that clit a good time!

    I've spent hours on porn sites looking for this kind of content, and there seem to only be a few videos that feature it. The best I've been able to find so far is in this vid, from 6:05 to 6:35... but... she isn't really getting into it - not spreading her lips or really stimulating herself with it; I wanna see you actually enjoy yourself! :)

    So... any of you gorgeous gals willing to be my pornstar this valentines day? :D

    What do the rest of you want to see?