AWESOME way to tease him!

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    This is a great technique to use on your man to tease and torment him! my friend told me about it and I tried it and it worked wonders and has spiced up me and my mans sex life. It probably isn't really anything new but I just had to get it out there more it seems too awesome not to.

    What you'll need: a pair of handcuffs
    a dildo

    So you will need to have him sat down if you want it to work best. He needs to be handcuffed with his arms behind his back and be naked and you can if you want although I prefer to be clothed as it adds more to the whole femdom element. So you basically taunt him until he gets hard then as he's hard and is wanting you to give him oral or jerk him off or whatever you suddenly produce the dildo. Now if your like my man who wants nothing to do with dildos in terms of them entering himself or yourself you will need to reassure him you won't use it on him in anyway lol! when I first got it out I had to be quick to tell him I was only going to use it for him to watch. Me and him usually cannot stand the things but for the purpose I had there is no better object that simulates a penis. It looked roughly the same also I was lucky I managed to get one that was the same erect length and almost the same girth as his.

    So you basically sit between his legs and do everything to the dildo 'his penis' that he would want you to do to his erect penis while he watches helpless. Sometimes you can hold it closer to his penis while teasing it or you can hold it right upto yourself. You can occasionally add taunting light touches or stokes to his real dick with your finger to add to the hotness. You need to make sure there is plenty of eye contact while you caress your fingers around the dildo and stroke it with feminine sensuality and lick or suck it and add lots of taunting teasing expressions and words as he looks on. My man was hard as a rock! every time I went to lightly lick the end of the dildo his penis would twitch up slightly while watching and his expression was priceless lol it was the horniest I have seen him in a long time! I would say things like; 'bet you'd like this to be you huh?'. Eventually of course I stopped taunting him after nearly an hour as I could see he could not take much more and I took off his handcuffs and we had some intense sex!

    Its important when you get a dildo to get one that matches his erect penis size approximatly in length and girth so it will be psychologically easier for him to imagine its his erect dick. Don't get some 12 inch monster when he has an average size hard-on as it just won't work and will make him feel inadequate.
    Have any of you ladies tried this? any experiences with this technique? lets hear if you have any. It works wonders for my man!
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    That sounds fantastic. And I haven't done it. However, with my SO it probably will never happen.