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    He looked deep into her blue eyes..he smiled looking at her
    she was bit excited and more bewildered..because for the first time in life she came accross an indian man.No indians were available near by areas where she live.
    . when this indian devil approched her a few weeks back..she slowly slipped away telling him that she has a large number of friends already, and no time to for him,but he was continuously chasing her ...
    But she didnot like the way he sits near by her..she was sitting on the chair..and he prefered to sit on the floor in front of her..she kept ker legs crossed,some kind of a shyness gripped her in front of this devil..she was wearing a skirt up to her knees only.she was trying to lower her skirt using her hands..
    when he told her that above 40 age of her which make him crazy for her..she never thought that he will grab one of her feet resting on the floor in a surprise move..he moved his palm under the sole of her feet as if giving a massage..he kissed her white feet with excitment ..he even licked her toes and dared to suck her toes one by one.he kept her feet on his lap and continue kissing her calf muscles and knees..she was really not knowing what is happening.But onething she was sure..she is becoming horney, she slowly moved her feet and touched it on his hard erection.she got a giggling over her feet.
    But then the devil got more excited and knealed in front of her and started kissing up on her thighs..but by then she slowly moved down from the chair to him on the floor..he slowly unbuttoned her skirt and removed it ..she felt shy to sit in front of him with her silk panty and bra.
    when she lay on the floor..he was crawling like worm and licking and kissing on her inner thighs..and if he could reach there fast! she wished!...but he was different ..he was so curious to kiss on her panty..the touch and rub of silk on her pu s sy and the knowledge that the indian devils thick lips are over that made her wild.she was longing for tearing it off..but he licked outside her panty over her slit and made it wet with his saliva.wet panty was revealing the length of her slit and its pink colour.
    suddenly he changed his area of licking and run his tongue on the crease where her thighs joins her body.he lifted her both legs up..and licked her perinneum ....the small area between her pus sy and ass..But she was wondering how this devil know the most erotic areas in her body!after leaving perineum he began to try inserting his tongue through the laze of the panty on the creaze.
    He succeeded in reaching his tongue about an inch in, since her pantylaze was bit loose.
    but that was too much for her and she herself wanted to remove her panty off..but by then he lowered her legs and started licking over the slit..and in a sudden move he removed her panty while she was so eager to raise her legs to help him to remove it
    On seeing her pu s sy in real he was stunned... he never wiitnessed such a pink one in clean shaved soft..
    He really wanted to eat it in full.he pressed his face on her pu s sy..and stay motionless for a few seconds.fragrence of her pussy juice was piercing his nose.but she was feeling his very thick lips on her outer labias..the moment she saw his face she noted his thick lips!she lay wriggling like a worm to get some rubbing of his lips over there, but he turned his face and took one of her vaginal lips in his mouth and started sucking it like a fold of flesh in mouth.That was a wonderfull move,she realised
    After finish eating both her thick external lips..the devil looked at her pussy again, as if seeing for the first time..but it was quivering for his tongue..without dissappointing her he kept the tip of his tongue on the area where both her v lips almost meet he made his tongue as a worm...and worm is trying to enter her vagina..It was not easy, but the wriggling of his tongue like a worm made her widen her legs more and more and even her v lips were moving apart slightly to allow his tongue.she understood he is not using any of his fingers, but tongue only!
    By this time her clit became so erect and protruded out....he liicked that tiny pearl.he realised that unlike the underdevoloped clit of other women, this is well developed and well covered in its thick foreskin..he licked around its foreskin and slowly moved his tongue and licked the foreskin cap alone without giving muuch feeling on her tiny pearl...that made her again wild and she pressed on the back of his bald head and made him lick her clit.
    suddenly he raised his head up...and started doing a trick which he himself developed by practice.he turned the tip of his tongue like a tiny tube of flesh...and he touched that flesh tube on her erect clit..kumar moved his tongue up and down, and her cit was going in and out in his tiny "tongue vagina"
    This was the time when really she repented for keeping him away...she liked his tongue fuck on her was so lovely..she moaned loud...and on hearing this he inserted two of his long fingers too iside her vagina...and located that slightly elevated g spot...then it was a very fast movement...and he fucked both...her clit with his tongue and pussy hole with his fingers.she lifted up her buuts in the air..but he didnt leave..he was hanging on that american ladies pubis busily engaged on her clit and pussy.and after a loud moan she came down crashing and kissed her indian devil so wild..and took his six inch long pink cock in her slimy mouth and gave a wonderfull blow job,
    yours is very long, but grit is less when compared with ours....that was her comment, but he was seeing a blue ocean of desire in her eyes...and he wanted to drink it till it ceases.
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    Hey, good job, yardlyin. Keep it up. :tup
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    another great one :)