And the God creates woman :D :D

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    Hello the herd of goat in the forum! :phatToday, I will send you a very very hot news, even hotter than the news “Iranian woman sentenced to stoning lashes out at German journalists” on or more interesting when hearing event “the beheading of a man in a big city at mid-night” on CNN, feel more and more emotional when knowing a old mother waiting the missing baby under the bridge in Chicago :p:p

    Once, I by accident have chance to meet a beautiful girl. At that time, I was the second-year student at a College. By accident, a new morning a pretty girl moved to near my house. She has just studied at high school, very pretty and naive =)) =)). Every morning when I get up and go to College, she says hello to me and smile attractively and lewdly as if she’s turned the green light on for me. So many black intentions have appeared in my mind.

    After googling by mouth some news from around neighbors, I have known that she had broken with his boyfriend before. And what she wants now is a quite new man (the man who has never girlfriend bebore).Suck! at that moment, I have had even more 10 women before, not virgin even my nose hole :lol , oh suck my toe! The fact that checking her pussy seems tobe as dificult as milking the old woman. Very difficult, isn’t it?

    While I have been thinking mean and dirty way to conquer her( even she and I have talked together ), instanly she has sent me a message “we are neighbor, do you want to teach me?” ha ha, a bright sence has gone through my mind , is that “the girl next door version 2? :whoa.

    2 days later, after sending the message for my pig-disease monitor, saying that I’m busy for the funeral of a old man living in the same city with me, can’t go to school this after noom(sorry, I can’t think any cause). The fact that he comes to see my honey neighbor at a café.

    The street, oh fuck, dirty and get stuck. Geeting a café near a lake, I pull out a sound – tranfering brick and calling her.
    _ yes, it’s me. Have you came yet?
    _ Yes, I have come for 5 seconds (the fact that I have come for 15 minutes and watiting you so long and I really angry about that)
    _ You look so young today! (oh, fuck , I have had white color in my hair)

    After finding a table near the window in that café, I have noticed that she has worn a white short, 2 line skirt, very sexy. After chatting about the news : from earthquake in china to sudan rebels tell war stories over feast, changing to the topics threaves has broken in a bank and got all money,so tired. She has started to change her study at high school.

    She says she’s not good at math, and want me to help her(=)) =)) she likes me), oh fuck (but I study programming php and the knowledge about math nearly forgot when I studied a high school) . However, I still agree to help her. Then, I drive her home, in the street she hug me, very happy

    After 2 weeks helping her with her math, what I realized is that she’s as stupid as dokey. Her knowledge about math ~ 0,
    However I don’t care about that, what she wants is not math, but love.

    Today, she phones me and ask me to come her house helping her a excersice. I run right way, I buy a flower for her, she smile, still that smile,so lewd. She wear a really short trouser and a thin skirt, exposing her leg, it’s so white like Cameron Diaz’s . It seems that she doesn’t want to study math today.

    I sit near her, after a long period of confidence, my inctinct of womanizing has raised
    _ starting kissing, touching and hugging
    _ she puts her hand on my .. and says “I sure that you want my …”
    _ “You are so “drop pussy” , Guessing like Paul poulp ??”… now come here with me… :D
    _ She screamed “Don’t… don’t…my love”
    _ I assured her “Don’t wory,,,don’t worry… I don’t stop” :punch
    _ Instantly I pull out my cigar put her mouth. Ek ek
    _ She climbes on my body, licking and licking and we start the way to the top of Kama Sutra
    When she is liking my belly,
    _“ Don’t…. don’t…… this is my first time” I said
    _ “ Is that true??”
    _ “ Yeah , that’s true… the first time in day…”

    After nearly hour with my teen, she screams and wirthes as if she eats poisonous food
    _ “ My guy, please eject in my mouth, don’t eject in side it”
    _ “I’m so ashamed, I have never ejected before… oh… my …god…”
    _ “oack… oack…” wet my mouth" she said :D

    Sumary :

    _ face : 8
    _ ( . ) ( . ) = 7
    _ and this is the thing that all of you know it,prink and tight :p

    Then, we hug and slep all the after noom, sorry my love, because I am a man …
    Do you want her pics???

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    I moved this creepy story to Erotic literature.

    The reason I didn't remove it is because the - hopefully fictitious - Teen mentioned in it, had graduated high school, therefore is likely of age.