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    My husband John and I love each other deeply, but his work trips leave me alone in our house for so long, he travels with his work so much these days.
    We never see each other during his fortnightly trips away, I ring him each night, our calls generally end up in poor phone sex, me getting him off, but leaving me hornier than I was before he rang, it was just not enough for me to continue using my fingers, massaging my clit and fingering my pussy while telling him how much I loved sucking him and blowing him, he would cum, and then say goodnight and hang up, leaving me needing a lot more than I could give myself. I needed more to stimulate myself, something to fill me, so I bought a dildo to play with while we excited each other on the phone, it was the end to a means to let off some of my pent up frustration. What I really craved, was my man fucking me every second day like we used to, I so craved for the touch of his hands all over me.

    I dared not tell him about the dildo, he would not approve of it, thinking he was looking after my needs him self, his ego would be destroyed if he ever knew what I had in my cunt.
    The first time I used it, I came so wildly during our phone call, he was concerned for me, and demanded to know what was wrong, I tried to convince him it was because I missed him so much, and I was just so horny, that his rough talk excited to such a point tonite, my pussy erupted and squirted cum down my thigh, I told him I had the most amazing orgasm, he was so pleased he had made me cum like that.

    I thought he was satisfied with my explanation, but the next evening he told me he had contracted a company to install a security system in our house. He said it would take a few days to install everything, but he wanted to make sure I was safe. He then told me he would be away an extra week, business was slow and he needed to fill his target sales. I let out a sigh of disappointment, as I put the phone down.

    The next morning there was a knock at the door, a very handsome guy, a bit older than me, stood before me.
    "Good morning, my name is Tom," he said, offering his hand for me to shake. "I'm here to install the security alarm system."
    "Hi Tom, my name is Catherine," I said, as I let go of his hand. " do you need me to do anything?"

    "Well, I just need to ask you a few questions, and then I'll get you to show me around the house." he said with a smile.

    He asked me so many questions, and I showed him around each room. He said it would probably take him a few days to do the job, and he better make a start.
    I went about my daily mundane tasks. I could hear him singing while he worked. He was cute. I found myself thinking about fucking him, or maybe it was the nice thought of having a man around the house that stirred my desires.

    "Well, that's it for today Catherine." he said, as he made some notes in his notebook. "I'll see you in the morning." "I'll be here." I said smiling, as I watched him leave.

    He was back earlier the next morning, I had not dressed, just out of the shower, and still in my robe, I went to the door and let him in. “Good morning Catherine”, he said as he went straight to work. I made him lunch this time.
    He was getting ready to leave for his lunch break, so I asked him if he would like to stay, I took the liberty of making you a sandwich with roast beef and salad." I said.
    ”You didn't have to do that,” he said placing his fingers on my arm.

    "It's already made, that’s if you are hungry, oh and I made a chocolate cake too." I said, hoping he would be convinced enough to stay.

    "Well, why didn't you tell me that first, you have chocolate cake?" he said laughing. "Of course I will stay."

    We talked as we ate. He was a very sexy man, and the more I watched him, the more I wanted him to fuck me. I flirted with him as we talked, and he began to flirt back.

    "This is great Catherine, thank you." he said, his eyes meeting mine as he took my hand, gently kissing it, I don’t get looked after like this very often.

    "Any time Tom," I said as I began to clear the table. "I enjoy having a man around the house. It is so lonely here on my own, and no one to talk to.

    "It is hard to believe he leaves you all alone like this." he said picking up his notebook.

    "How do you know he leaves me here alone?" I asked, wanting to know how he knew that.

    "He told me," he said, tossing some scrap paper in the bin. "
    He said he's not at home that often, and his trips were getting longer than he had hoped, and that this trend looked likely to continue"

    "Oh?" I said, wondering what else he had said.

    "Of course the main reason he wanted this system put in, was his trip to England next month for four weeks.” he said.

    "I had nearly forgotten about that trip." I said lying.

    "Well, best get back to work." he said, striding out of the room.

    I was so upset for the rest of the day, after hearing the news of this British trip second hand. Tom told me goodbye, and told me he would be able to finish up things the next day. He was right on time the next morning, the doorbell rang, and I let him in. “Good morning Catherine”, as he walked past me “good morning Tom” I replied.
    He was busy all day, not even stopping for a break. He called out to me he had finished, and wanted to show me how the system worked. I didn't pay much attention to the instructions, his body so near to me, that he was turning me on by his closeness.

    "So...any questions?" he asked.
    "About what?" I said, snapping back to reality.

    Maybe I better explain the system again. I turned around and looked him in the eyes, making him stop in mid sentence. Our eyes locked, and I began to undo one of the buttons on my shirt.
    Slowly, one by one I undid them all. I let my shirt fall to the floor, revealing my light blue lace bra, it barely covered my breasts. His eyes never left me.

    I pulled him gently to me. We kissed lightly. His warm fingers gently ran down my back, he continued teasing me with his gentle kisses, his tongue exploring into my mouth, reaching in deeper, looking for mine. I responded to him, my eager tongue probing for his, the tips met, and explored each other in a frenzied sword fight, circling, darting in and out, and sucking each other.

    I was so wet! I pressed my body up against his; I could feel his swelling cock.
    It felt impressive under his jeans, I was eager to get it my hand and explore it.

    He pulled away from me and looked at my chest. "You are beautiful,” he said softly. "We should not do this Catherine."

    I said, "should not do what?" as I run my hands over my breasts.

    "THIS!" he said, referring to sex. "You are a married woman."

    "A lonely, married woman." I said, as I placed my hand behind my back and unhooked my bra. I let the straps just slide from my shoulders and let the bra drop to the floor.
    I stood before him with my lovely firm naked breasts just asking to be touched, my nipples were hard as flint, standing erect in front of him, begging for his hands to grasp them.

    He did not move, so I began to play with my own nipples, pinching them between my fingernails, squeezing and pulling them so hard it hurt me, but I was determined to show him how much I wanted him, I raised my left breast with my hand and lowered my head, taking the nipple in my mouth, sucking on it, savaging it, biting it with my front teeth, fuck I was so hot, still he did not move, I lowered my other hand and undid my jeans, slid the zip down, and moved my hips so they dropped slowly to the floor. I slid my fingers in the waist of my knickers and slid them down my thigh, they dropped the remainder of the way to the floor with their own weight, I stepped out of them, standing in front of him in my glory, my wetness running down my inner leg.

    "Oh my God," he said under his breath, as I stood before him "you're killing' me here."

    I moved closer to him and began to rub my naked body against him. I undid his pants and had his cock out in seconds flat. He was very well endowed to say the least. I helped him get undressed and then I dropped to my knees in front of him. I took his thick long cock in my hands and raised it to my mouth and began sucking his monster.

    He moaned as I licked his cock and then went down his shaft, while I fondled his balls. I stood, took his hand, and led him to one of the spare bedrooms. I fell back on the bed and took him with me. He kissed me on the mouth with a passion that I haven't felt in a long time. He kissed my neck and inched his way down to my breasts.

    "Oh yes," I groaned, as he took my hard nipple in his mouth. "I've been aching for you to do that."

    He spent ages on my breasts and then he began probing my pussy with his finger. I teased the head of his cock with my finger and thumb, it twitched and jerked under my touch, with fluid leaking from his head

    "I want to eat your cunt." he whispered.

    I was in heaven. It had been ages since I had a real live man eating my cunt. It was always me and my toy and phone sex. I wasted no time guiding him to his back. I climbed onto him and began devouring his cock while he probed me with his magic tongue. He had his thumb in my cunt while he flicked and sucked my clit with his very skilled long tongue.

    I began to pump his cock deeper in my mouth, while my hand lowered to his balls. I made him spread his legs a little so I could finger his ass hole. I had him moaning as I began to insert my finger deeper into his tight ass. He had worked his incredible tongue over my clit and then pushed it into my cunt, deeper it probed, flicking my labia and darting deep into me, I screamed as he pushed his finger in my ass, but it triggered me into an almighty orgasm, I flooded his face with my cum, spurting out of me so hard, I had lost control.

    He pulled out his thumb and licked my cunt, savoring my cum as he fought the urge to blow in my mouth. I got off of him and mounted his huge thick cock. My breasts were bouncing all over as I fucked him like there was no tomorrow. He moved us to the edge of the bed, sat up, and put my legs around him.
    We fucked even harder, and then stopped. He sat there motionless, holding me in his arms; he picked me up with his cock still inside me and lowered me back to the bed. He pulled out and his head lowered to my cunt.
    I pulled his face to my cunt; he worked his tongue onto my hard clit as he slid two of his fingers inside me. I shuddered violently as he brought me to yet another incredible mind blowing orgasm.

    I rolled onto all fours on the bed, and he mounted me from behind, he rammed his huge cock deep inside me. I could feel his balls slapping my skin. He lowered his chest on my back and grabbed my nipples, pinching me as he rammed me harder and harder. His monster filled my cunt. He was grunting louder with each thrust and then he came, exploding in me in pulsating spasms. I could feel myself ready to cum again, but he was spent before I could. I collapsed on the bed and rolled over. I grabbed my dildo and began rubbing my clit furiously with my fingertips; I rammed the dildo deep into me, in and out of my drenched cunt. Tom lay on his back beside me smiling, completely spent from the best fuck session I have had for a long time, I was ready to cum, I pulled the dildo from me and straddled his face, his tongue entered my saturated cunt, its length probed deeper into me and I blew my fucking mind, I fell down on him and took his cock in my mouth, I wanted to savor him forever, we woke hours later in each others arms.
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    Great story, especially if it's true. I would be back at least weekly making sure your alarm was working properly.