About the PC muscle for orgasm control

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    I heard about doing these excersices for the PC muscle. Basically it's the same muscle that you use when you stop the flow of urine while peeing. So I heard that if you just squeeze and hold that muscle for 5-10 seconds for about 10 or 20 reps everyday, that it can actually help you hold back your orgasm. Well, I've been doing it for the past 3 days, and I plan to keep doing it for a while, because I need to last longer during sex. I last like 5 seconds usually after insertion. So first of all with doing these excercises help me see an improvement. Second is it possible to actually "hold back" your orgasm just like holding back a pee. Because I always did the opposite to hold back from cumming while masturbating - I would keep that muscle loose. As soon as I flex that muscle it makes me want to cum faster. So my question is, what is the point of streghtening this muscle and how do you use it to hold back during sex? Thanks in advance to all replies.
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    After 2-3 months of constantly working the PC muscles you will see an improvement BUT...

    They can only help you to stay hard longer and sustain your erection for longer periods of time. The PC muscles won't help you hold back an orgasm, that is a mental thing.

    You will have to learn when to back off your strokes and slow down when you feel an orgasm coming on... all guys have that "no turning back" point where you will cum even if your mom walked into the room.

    You have to learn how to push yourself to the edge of almost cumming, and being able to slow it down and back the orgasm off.

    It is a skill, and it takes practice. Most guys who last a long time have mastered this skill, or there are some unlucky guys who can't feel much during sex so they last forever. Those are two totally different things.

    I want to cum after the first minute my g/f climbs on top of me, or I slide into her. I just fight it off.

    The only difference between you and me is stronger PC muscles and having learned how to back off my orgasms.

    If you have to, pull out so you don't cum.. and do oral on her. Then go back inside... you will find that once you back off that inital orgasm and give yourself sometime to simmer down, you will last longer and longer.